A Look Inside the Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center


I’m lucky enough to work just 5 minutes away from the run down Kings Park Psychiatric Center. It is a well known abandoned building that has been known as one of the most haunted places on Long Island. I was able to go inside today during my lunch break because my mother works in the parks there and was able to get me in! Here are some of the creepy photos I took: (sorry for the terrible quality)

One of the entrances to the Kings Park Psychiatric Center.
Dark, eerie hallway.
Leading to where the patients used to sleep.
Broken mirror in bathroom.
Old photos that a patient had on their walls.


Established in 1885, and abandoned since 1996, there are a number of buildings on site at the Psych Center. This was inside just one of them. Inside you will feel coldness as you walk through the center which is heavy with graffiti. A flashlight is needed due to the areas that are complete darkness. One area that I entered but could not take photos due to the lighting, were the tunnels. These tunnels were used to transport patients from building to building so they didn’t have to be seen outside. The psych center is said to be extremely haunted due to the lives that were lost inside many years ago. Decades of history lie in these buildings and plenty of secrets as well. Many procedures were done inside these buildings that we would gasp at today.

Elevator photo. My favorite. It really brings out the creepiness!
Smiley graffiti on a broken window.

I’m hoping to enter one of the other buildings soon and I will post photos of the inside of that one as well! Enjoy 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Look Inside the Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center

  1. I love this, it’s so creepy. There are some great pictures of abandoned places online. I like the pictures of the ghost stations in the London Underground and Paris Metro. There’s probably some similar ones of the New York Subway too!

  2. Great post! I’ve been hearing about this place for years and I was always intrigued by how abandoned and creepy it is. Your pictures just made it real and I have to build up the courage to go visit !!

  3. Thank you! It definitely is creepy inside, especially in the tunnels. I wish they weren’t so dark or I would have been have to take photos of that too. If the weather holds up, I’m trying to visit one of the other buildings today! Will post pics if I do so. 🙂

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