Kings Park Psych Center Part 2


So for those of you who read my post yesterday and saw the photos of the inside of one of the Kings Park Psych Center buildings… here are a few more photos I was able to take today. These were taken in a different building.



Cafeteria window
These desks were used by the nurses when they would write down info about patients


Again, I’m sorry about the quality of these photos. My iPhone barely has any room to take pictures so I’ve been using an app to take them! I personally think the graffiti photo is really cool and was done quite nicely! The cafeteria photo reminds me of what it looked like back in high school in my own cafeteria, a tiny window where they serve the food. Hard to imagine how the thousands of people that used to walk these grounds were mistreated so badly… the main reason why these buildings are said to be haunted.

Enjoy! 🙂


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