It’s Not the Problem, It’s the Way You’re Dealing With the Problem


Sometimes it’s not the problem that is the issue, but the way the problem is dealt with. I’m definitely guilty of dealing with situations the wrong way and am in the process of learning how to deal with things differently. I’ve noticed in others though that when a situation is handled in a calm, positive way – the outcome is better. Depending on the situation, sometimes it’s hard to keep a positive attitude especially if you’re angry and want to act out. When we think about our problems too much, they tend to become greater than they really are. I again am guilty of doing this, I think we all are because it’s hard to put things on the back burner when it’s taking up so much space in your head. Thinking too much leads to assumptions and problems that weren’t there in the first place. The hard part though is training your mind to stop doing this. When we’re used to doing something, it’s very hard to act a different way. So next time you feel yourself over thinking and assuming things about a certain situation, ask yourself how big of a deal it really is and if you’re handling it the best way you can. Once you start doing this each time, your brain will get used to it and continue reacting this way. Good luck 🙂


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