Living is More Important Than Money

This is something I’m starting to learn, it’s hard but I’m learning. Today I get paid and pretty soon this will be my only job… after going from 3 jobs to 2, back down to 1 is a bit of a transition. I went from getting paid 7-8 times a month (ridiculous, I know!) to 4 times a month and soon to 2 times a month. One of my jobs was seasonal and the other was one day a week so I put my two week notice in. I have some money set aside but I never realized how much I was making until I started making less. I have more time to do things though and enjoy life which is the pro of all this and that’s what I try to remember when looking at my bank account. I re-blogged a post yesterday about a nurse who asks her terminally ill patients what they regret the most in life now that they’re on their death bed – a good number of them said they regret working so much. This made me realize that I was making the right decision about going back down to just 1 job. I have to enjoy my life before it’s too late. We never know what can happen and I’m not going to wait for it, in the meantime I’m going to try my best to do the things I’m dreaming to do. The longer we wait, the sooner life passes us by.


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