I Crave

I crave such simplicity,

A dirt road leading to a farm house with a wrap around porch.

I crave such peace,

Lying on a hammock listening to the shimmy of the trees.

I crave such serenity,

A bubble bath in a claw foot tub.

I crave such calm,

A screen door that creeks closed when the wind blows.

What do you crave?

Is it a mansion with seven bathrooms?

What do you long for?

Is it the newest Mercedes or brand name handbag?

What do you dream about?

Is it a lavish life that brings chaos?

That’s why I crave simplicity; chaos.

It clogs the brain, stresses the heart,

With simplicity comes peace.

You can have the extravagance…

I’ll take the creeky screen door

Over the seven bathroom mansion any day.

Why? Because my heart craves simplicity.


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