Eyes Open Wider As You Get Older


Sometimes I make myself nervous, aren’t I supposed to care more about things as I get older? Like having a career and money to buy a house and savings to start a life? Instead, I find myself caring less than I did in high school, a time when most don’t care at all. I’ve become mentally lazy with things and the only thing I can think of as a reason to why is because I’m just not fully satisfied. I need more. I work to make money to do things I want to do, but I don’t find myself doing any of it. I just keep waiting for the right moment, the right time to hop on a plane. The thing is, if I had enough people around me that felt the same way and wanted to get away as bad as I do, I’d be somewhere new every 2-3 months. I’d find the money to do it because it’s what would make me happy. Unfortunately, work and other responsibilities get in the way of the fun. I’ve grown so impatient with everyday life but mark my words I’m on my way to not letting that happen anymore. It may take some time, but if it’s what you really want then don’t let anything get in your way.

2 thoughts on “Eyes Open Wider As You Get Older

  1. Just go for it hun! Take risks! I moved from the UK to Ibiza last year, fear can hold us back a lot of the time, but it’s better to regret the things you do, than the things you didn’t do xx sophiavalentine1.wordpress.com

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