“Behind the Mask” Guest Blogger: Steven Fox


Putting on the mask and headdress

Guilt, your faith in the gods ends your distress

For you have a duty to the people of your tribe

A shaman you pick up on the heavenly vibe

The seasons are changing the rain stops

The sun shines and dries the crops

Your people are dying without something to eat

A human sacrifice is required their end they must meet

A willing soul makes their way

A bow of the head nothing to say

They lie on the stone alter

Hand steady, your courage cannot falter

You draw the obsidian blade and slice the skin

A chant you grant a remission of sin

The life drains out of the deceased

Blood collects in the cup held by the priests

Heart cut out still beating

Tlaloc will reward our offering, the limbs are for eating

Cannibalistic values to gain power

Our tribe has the strength to make any other cower

We are not savage beasts

Just doing what we have to survive

I’m just a man

Behind the mask



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