New to the City – The Daily Post Writing Prompt

The Daily Post has asked its followers to participate in a writing prompt called, BYOB(ookworm). Followers are asked to write a blurb for the book jacket of the novel you would possibly write someday.

New to the City

Christmas time was Isabelle’s favorite time of year, especially in New York City. She would throw her scarf and boots on and trek 13 blocks to work each day, not minding as she took in the bright sight of the holiday decorations. She lived in the city for almost a year now, along with her roommate who she has been friends with since she was 8. Ava was like Isabelle’s friendship soul mate, she could not picture her life without her in it.

Isabelle had a decent job at a publishing company, trying her best to work her way up the corporate ladder. She would work crazy hours each day and sometimes on weekends too, but she knew in the end it would all be worth the trouble. Another trouble being that her boyfriend of three years was back home in Westchester and they only saw each other some weekends.

She was used to walking home late at night by herself; the city was always swarming with people so she never felt uneasy. Plus, her father trained her in boxing when she younger, so she felt confident about herself and always kept an eye on her surroundings.

She walked up the two softly-dimmed flights of stairs to her & Ava’s undersized apartment. When she went to put the key in the lock, she noticed the wooden door was cracked open. She pushed slightly and what she saw made her stop dead in her tracks. Her laptop was smashed along with the valuable China plates her mother let her take with her when she moved. She stepped slowly over her Bukowski books that lay scattered on the floor.

“Who would do such a thing?” She thought. She didn’t want to make a noise but knew she had to get Ava’s attention – if she was even in the apartment. She crept slowly down the hall to Ava’s lime green bedroom. It was her favorite color, said it made her feel cheery and optimistic when she awoke each morning. Ava was nowhere to be found, but tiny drops of blood decorated the wood floor. Were they Ava’s? Isabelle’s heart started to race faster and faster, she could hear it pumping through her eardrums. The sound was deafening her as she realized Ava’s cell phone sat beside her bed. Isabelle was going to have to find her best friend another way.

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