Why You Should Believe In The Beauty Of Strangers

This is beautiful!

Thought Catalog

It’s easy to lose sight of the beauty in strangers.

We become so easily lost in a crowd, pressed up against bodies; bodies wearing suits and ties and moving in their own directions to meet their own deadlines. We see faces; faces buried in newspapers and magazines and pamphlets advertising things — things you’d never want or need or leave someone you loved in a will. We become enveloped in the swell of it all; the lines, the traffic lights, the stop signs, the go signs — the tumultuous rapids of a life we chose.

We don’t usually pay much attention to strangers. We see them as obstacles, shadows ahead of us — always walking just that much slower than we’d like, selfishly stepping into ticket queues the moment before we do. Don’t they know we’re running late? Don’t they know we have somewhere to be? Strangers inconvenience our schedules…

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