25 Things You Should Do Before Turning 30

Thought Catalog

Even though Aaliyah (RIP) was all “Age ain’t nutin but a numba,” each and every one of us thinks turning 30 the worst. Even if you say you don’t care about hitting 30, there’s some part of you that’s all, “Well shit.” People always have ideas about things you should accomplish or do by the time you hit 30. I went over to AskReddit to see what everyone thinks people should do or have done by the time they are nearly half dead. Looks like people want to make a lot of money and have plenty of sex.

1. Start Saving Money


I started saving when I was 24. I was making $40k/year at the time. I started off by putting just enough into my 401k plan to get the maximum my company would match which at the time was 6%. After that, every time I got a raise…

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