It’s Just a Job


I was at my last job for 5 1/2 years. It taught me responsibility and that you can’t just call into work whenever you want. It also taught me something else though. It made me realize that your job is just your job. You shouldn’t let it make or break you, ESPECIALLY if it isn’t your career. I used to work every Saturday from 9-5 starting at the age of 18 up until I was 24. Think of all the things a young girl does between that time period… parties, bars, turning 21, celebrating other 21st birthdays, staying up late or never going to sleep at all. The nights I got the least sleep and was so tired the next day sitting at my desk, are the days/nights I remember the most clearly. So many times I sat at that desk hungover barely able to look at the computer screen as the phone rang loudly in my ear with annoying customers on the other end yapping away in my ear. I look back and wonder why I cared so much about a job I would not be at forever. My boss was very lenient and pretty much let us do whatever we wanted, which made it even harder for me to care. I did at first, but as time went on I began to realize it was just a paycheck. A small paycheck. A paycheck that barely fed me weekly and put gas in my car. But, it was a paycheck and I was thankful for that, of course. But, think of all the things we sacrifice and do each day to make people at our job happy. To make others at our jobs happy. We wake up early, drive to work in traffic while still feeling like we’re asleep. Get there to listen to what we are supposed to do until we get that half hour of freedom (lunch break) then we’re back at it until we leave. Then we sit in more traffic until we make it home. As I get older, I care less about the money. YES, it is important because we need it to live, blah blah blah. But, if I’m not happy then it’s just not worth it to me. You know why I work? Because I want to travel. I want to see things I can’t see while sitting in my cubicle. My mind is caged all year long so I can break free for a while, which keeps me half way sane for the time being. Sure, I want money to buy a house one day and a nice car that is safe for  my family and all that good stuff… but it’s just not enough to keep me hungry for it. It may make me sound lazy but in reality it’s just me being hungry for something different and more exciting. I hope that one day I can write as I travel all over the place, making a living off my journeys and sharing them with others. Until then… I have these paychecks.

Don’t take the money and the work so seriously, we will spend the rest of our lives working. Live a little.


5 thoughts on “It’s Just a Job

  1. I am so glad someone else out there feels this way. The world in general seems so concerned about money, all the time, but no one seems all that happy. Jobs are making people miserable and I don’t think anyone will get to their death bed thinking, ‘I wish I’d worked more, earned more’.

    Need to live a life that makes you fulfilled, even if that means not having much money, as long as you’re happy it will be more than worth it 🙂

    Great post!

    1. Thank you! It is so true! This world revolves around money, it’s sad. I read a post once about a nurse who posted the top things people on their death beds say… and one of the things was “I wish I didn’t work so much.” This was said by multiple people and it really made me feel like this even more!

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