10 Ways To Love A Person Who Has A Mental Illness

Thought Catalog

Love can be a hard concept to understand, even more so, when you want to love a person (family member, friend, or significant other) with a mental illness but don’t know how. The following tips may help:

A Beautiful MindA Beautiful Mind

1. Do not refer to your loved one, or others with a similar illness, as ‘the mentally ill’.

That term designates an otherness that this person already feels without an uneducated term adding to the mix. They are not the mentally ill. They are a person who happens to suffer from a mental illness.

2. Never call them crazy in the heat of the argument.

I’m serious, don’t do it. Said love one is already questioning their sanity, dealing with the prison that is their mind. Mental illness can be quite crippling, so it is best not to add to that.

3. Take them seriously.

When they are expressing…

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