16 Poisons To Your Happiness


  1. Jealously. Just be happy for people and you’ll be happier for yourself.
  2. A need for superficial things. Having a name brand item isn’t ever going to satisfy your deep needs for confidence and fulfillment. It’s all incredibly meaningless in the end.
  3. Grudges. I know you may feel like the tough one for holding on to some anger that was created years ago, but it actually makes you weaker. Forgive. Forgiveness sets you free.
  4. Regret. When I said forgiveness sets you free, that applies to self-forgiveness as well.
  5. Dependence. You can’t depend on others for happiness. Take it from me, it’s not going to work. You have to rely on yourself for love and confidence.
  6. The need to fix people. You may think you can fix someone, but you can’t. People have to fix themselves and if you allow negative people in your life they will just bring you down too.

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