Terminally ill Father and a Mini “Daddy and Daughter” Wedding

This is so beautiful!!

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Jim Zetz, 62 of Pennsylvania, has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Jim and his wife, Grace, were referred to a photographer, Lindsey Villatoro, to take a final family portrait.

The family realized their daughter, Josie, 11, was missing the magical moment and decided they needed to do something special for her upcoming birthday. Villatoro then came up with a pretty awesome idea.

Jim Zetz

The photographer suggested a mini “daddy and daughter” wedding so her father could walk Josie down the aisle.

Grace immediately agreed but kept the event a secret to surprise Josie and Jim.

“She (Grace) mentioned (Josie) was so emotional about her dad not being there for memories down the line, so I figured we would make some now,” wrote Villatoro.

Villatoro continues, “In 72 hours I managed to make one little girl’s wish to have her daddy attend her wedding come true.”

She then contacted all of her wedding…

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