DIY Streak Free Glass Cleaning


While I was cleaning around the house today my boyfriend gave me a really cool idea to clean my mirrors and glass doors. Instead of wasting paper towels, use old newspaper to clean them! I used Windex as the cleaner and it looked great! You don’t have to work as hard to make streaks go away like you do with paper towels.

I wore rubber gloves while cleaning the glass because the ink may rub off onto your fingers. You can use a regular black and white newspaper or one from a supermarket circular, like I have pictured. When going over the glass again once all the Windex is gone, be sure to use a dry paper so there are no streaks. (If you use a soaked newspaper, it may not work as well)

Just figured I’d share this for all of you interested 🙂 let me know if you have tried this before or what your results are after trying!


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