“The Most Dangerous City in the United States”

Last night I traveled into the city that is known as the “most dangerous in all of the United States”, Camden, New Jersey. It is right outside of Philadelphia and ranks number one on pretty much every list of “dangerous cities.” I went to Camden to go to the Susquehenna Bank Center to see the Zac Brown Band concert (my second time seeing them) and they were great!! Here are a couple of photos I took, didn’t get too many of the city but it looks pretty normal in some spots.

Image[Camden Skyline] From this photo you would never guess how much crime goes on in this city.


This photo was taken walking towards the Bank Center. Camden has trolleys which I thought was pretty cool and it was something I did not know. Rutgers University is just a few minutes away from where this photo was taken, a lot of students were taking the trolley back and forth. Again in this photo, the city doesn’t look to be too bad.

Since I did not get to take too many city photos, here are a couple of Google images for those of you who have never seen what Camden looks like:




[Photo source: Google Images]

As you can see in these photos, Camden is very run down and could use a huge face lift. As I drove through the city I noticed a lot of what these pictures show. But in the midst of all this, music brought a bunch of people together!


 This photo is quite dark but I love how the sky looks and how you can see the heads of many people enjoying the concert. It amazes me how music can be so beautiful and bring such random groups of people together!


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