Inspiration for Your Summertime Wedding

Although Long Island has had some hot days the past couple of weeks, we can all completely go into summer mode now because it has officially arrived! Some of us are hanging out on the beach, having barbeques in the yard and others are planning a wedding!
Summer weddings are extremely popular and there are countless ideas for this time of year. A wedding in the summer months gives off a cheerful and laid back kind of vibe, so take a look at these great planning ideas to help your guests let their hair down and enjoy the night!

Invitations are one of the starting points to planning your big day. Once you know you want to go ahead with a summer styled wedding, make your invitations scream sunshine! This can mean something as simple as using fun and bright colors to going a few steps further and sending out a sun shaped invite! The invitation ideas for a summer wedding are truly endless, you can add some floral designs or even have watercolor invites!

Your centerpieces should flow nicely with the rest of your summer decor. If you are using lots of flowers, set up a mason jar filled with lemons then place some sunflowers inside. The lemons will create a nice pop of color and will look wonderful with the yellow flowers. If you are interested in choosing a different color, throw in some oranges and set it off nicely with an orange or pink colored flower! Another unique idea is to have a colorful watering pot set up in the center of the table with flowers coming out of it. You can even paint each one a different color or have it match the colors you are using in your theme.Image

When it comes to decorating for your wedding, a lot of thought is put into it along with small details that can make large statements! Think outside the box and add your own touch to things to make your day extra special. If you are having an outdoor wedding, which are a huge hit during the summer, set up a white tent to keep your guests out of the sun and hang colorful tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling. These pom poms will add to the summertime look and the colors will create a bold impact in your photographs! Since the weather will be on the hot side, a thoughtful idea is to attach programs to each seat that double as a fan! Add some colorful ribbon to them to match your theme. Set up a table with chilled water to serve to your guests throughout the celebration, all that dancing and heat are sure to leave them thirsty!
Summertime means lots of sun. What better way to send your guests home than with a pair of cool shades to help protect their eyes from those dangerous rays? On each pair of sunglasses, have your wedding date engraved and be sure to have a bunch of different colors for your friends to choose from. Since it is summer, bright colors such as yellow, neon green, orange and pink, are a wonderful way to go! For the kids, send them home with some bubbles for them to play with during the summer.
We hope these summertime wedding suggestions come in handy during your planning process. Remember, you can add your own style to pretty much anything. Make it a special day for the both of you by surrounding yourselves with beautiful things and people that you love!

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