The Power of Forgiveness

I’ve never been one to forgive people about things, I’m the type to dwell for days, weeks, months. But as I get older I start to put myself in the others person’s shoes and try to understand their behavior. I recently reached out to an old friend to squash some issues we have. Haven’t talked to her in years but decided it was the “right thing to do” to be the better person and break the silence. Haven’t heard back from her… and SHE was the one who hurt our friendship way more than I ever could. Isn’t it funny how that works? The one who actually did more wrong, kept silent. I’m okay with that though, I have my closure now, whether she answers or doesn’t. I said what I had to say and now the weight has been removed. Something I can check off my list to get rid of and keep in the past. So, thank you. 


Point is – you’re only hurting yourself if you refuse to forgive someone.

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