17 Things People Born In The Late 80s Are Currently Experiencing

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Scott Pilgrim vs. the WorldScott Pilgrim vs. the World

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1. The troubling realization that you can in fact accomplish anything in life, if only you could figure out exactly what it is that you want to do. It feels as if you had a menu in hand and anxiously, hungrily waited for 20-something years, then when the universe came over to take your order, you didn’t have the slightest clue what you want.

2. Your high school reunion isn’t far away and you’re not quite sure where those ten years went. Maybe in 2-3 years or so, when it actually happens it’ll actually feel like a decade ago, but right now? Not even close.

3. This is a complex stretch of life because when it comes to big screw-ups, you aren’t young enough for youth to be an acceptable excuse but you also don’t necessarily feel like a full-fledged, sufficiently equipped…

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One thought on “17 Things People Born In The Late 80s Are Currently Experiencing

  1. Can´t get to the link, don´t know why. So I can only comment on the little I read. I will just stick with the first point you made. One of the most important things in life is figuring what you want, in a realistic way that is. I would like to become an Astronaut and I doubt it will ever happen. I have found through out my life that when they say “follow your dreams”, sounds all good and dandy but I would add follow your dreams realistically, meaning to know yourself first and know what you are capable off and what your limitations are and then just go for it.

    Nice post, smart reflection of life.

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