10 Things I learned During My NYC Stay

statue of liberty 2I stayed in the city for a few days with my boyfriend for my birthday and although it’s only about an hour from me, there was still so much I haven’t seen. So, we acted like total tourists and learned a lot of awesome things. Check this out, especially if you plan on visiting the Big Apple one day!

-The Titanic was supposed to dock on the Hudson River before it sank.

-Leonardo DiCaprio starred in The Wolf of Wall Street, ironically enough, he owns two floors of a beautiful building in Battery Park- just minutes from Wall St. (his building is the middle glass one, he owns the two top floors)

leo dicaprio home

-The Statue of Liberty was donated to us from France. It’s green color is because it is made of copper and throughout the years it slowly has turned from its regular color.

statue of liberty

-The George Washington Bridge is the busiest bridge in the United States.

-A lot of water towers are placed on top of buildings, so everyone living in them will have no problem with water pressure while showering around the same times.

-Wall Street is called Wall Street because there literally used to be a wall in the middle of it. Simple explanation, huh?

-6.7 million people travel to and from NYC everyday to work. This is more than triple the amount of people that actually live there.

-In the 70s and 80s, NYC was known as one of the most dangerous cities to visit. Nowadays it has improved tremendously but still has its areas that are not so great. (Back in the day the worst part was The Lower East Side)

-Ever wonder what it would cost to live in NYC? A months rent for an apartment (a small one) runs anywhere from $2,000-$3,500 a month! Give or take a few hundred dollars here or there, depending on size, location, etc.

-NYC will soon be home to the worlds tallest building – The Nordstrom Tower (1,775 feet high) – just a foot smaller than 1 World Trade Center (AKA “The Freedom Tower”)

Now, a heads up on a few things:

NYC is extremely fast paced and congested with millions of people, walking the streets you will have to move and bump into people to get around. The drivers can get a bit intense too, especially the cabbies. If you’re walking across the street when the sign says not to, people will honk at you until you run and move.

Times Square allows a lot of things that certain areas of the U.S. would never. Women can walk around topless, as long as it’s not for business purposes (yet they still take tips though for photos… Mmhmm)

[Note: all photos were taken by me :)]

bridge 2
                                                                            The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge


"The Freedom Tower"
                                                                              “The Freedom Tower”

under the bridge



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