7 Tips for Beating Writer’s Block

Source: http://oscarlearnoscarteach.tumblr.com/
    Source: http://oscarlearnoscarteach.tumblr.com/

One thought on “7 Tips for Beating Writer’s Block

  1. I actually have a theory that writers block is a myth. It´s just impossible, writing you can I´m writing right now I can tell you how my day went that I was in the bank cursing out the guy in the table because of some bad transaction and on and on I can go about that little event create my own little story. Now, if it´s a terrible bad written story that´s a whole other story, but I was writing a little story. So how in the world can you have writers block, since by definition means that you are incapable of writing and I´m writing right now, so it´s just a myth. 😉 Just my theory.

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