Five Years Ago Today…

timehop writer

Thanks to Timehop I was reminded that five years ago today my Journalism professor approached me in the hallway after our first assignment was finished and asked me what my major was. I told him I was currently an English Major but was working my way towards joining the Early Childhood Education department. He asked me why. I was a little confused and he told me that I should try to get my writing published one day. He told me he never gives a 10/10 on an assignment, until he read mine.

All because of this conversation, I am now a writer. My first children’s book is in the printing process with Mascot Books and will be available for purchase in August. I have an Instagram page with over 3,000 followers just for my poetry. I also work as a Web Content Writer for Haunted House Media. This may not be where I am forever but who knows what the future holds… I may even write a novel one day. This has been on my mind for a while now but a novel requires a ton of time and effort, and it is difficult while working full time. But I promise you this, I WILL find the time for it one day when the timing is right. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Five Years Ago Today…

  1. As you’ve read, I didn’t start out as a writer, my degree is in Business. I worked as a Sub teacher in college. But following my heart, now I’m a writer. Teaching is as rewarding. Don’t put age as a limitation what you think you should do. There are no rules.

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