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Music Will Always Bring People Together

This photo is from the other night when I went to see Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury. I’ve been going to a ton of Led Zeppelin tribute band shows and I love seeing all the different generations in the audience. Music is surely one thing that brings people together, no matter what age they are. Daily life gives such anxiety at times, and when I’m at concerts/shows, it simply goes away.

What You May Not Have Known About Woodstock

woodstock 2

I’ve been fascinated with Woodstock, the sixties and the Hippie Movement for a while now. Mostly because it seemed like such a fun time to be alive and a more laid back atmosphere than what it is now-a-days.

I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “The Sixties,” where they feature various major eventsĀ from the eraĀ in different episodes. My favorite, of course, was the episodes all about the hippies. I learned some new things about Woodstock that I never knew before, so I thought I’d share. (along with some other cool facts I’ve found online)

high way

  1. The volunteers at Woodstock fed over 200,000 people, after purchasing enormous amounts of food and food supplies.
  2. The town of Bethel where Woodstock took place only had a population of about 100 when the hippies started to arrive. The locals in this small town were in shock over the amount of people thatĀ came and took over.
  3. Unlike other music festivals during its time, Woodstock had no fights at all. Everyone who participated treated each other kindly. (With such a largeĀ amount of people, this is hard to believe! But it also shows just how serious they were about peace.)woodstock 4
  4. John Lennon was supposed to be at Woodstock with The Beatles, but rumors of immigration issues occurred. Another story says he wanted Yoko Ono to appear on stage with him. Among some of the other bands/artists who were asked included The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, The Doors, Roy Rogers, Led Zeppelin, Iron Butterfly, Jethro Tull & Jeff Beck Group.
  5. Babies were born during the festival, while some women also had miscarriages.
  6. There were ten million yards of blue jeans and striped T-shirt material. (Woah!)woodstock
  7. 500,000 hippies celebrated at Woodstock, while a million more had to turn around due to traffic. (Said to be backed up for 9 miles!)
  8. The organizers of Woodstock were in at least $1.3 million worth of debt afterwards.
  9. Woodstock was declared a free event after the ticket booths were never installed due to the amount of festival-goers. After the first day, the fences were torn down. (Each booth was supposed to charge $24 per ticket)
  10. There was a concession stand that raised the price of burgers from 50 cents to $1 after they realized they were running low. When attendees saw this, they said it was capitalist exploitation and burned the stand down.woodstock 3

Photos From Woodstock, 1969

Hop in your time machine and check out these photos from 1969’s Woodstock, which took place in Bethel, New York. I had to share these photos because I love everything old school and I really wish I was around to partake in this event. What else makes it so cool is that I went to Bethel last year to see Zac Brown Band play, one of the best concerts I’ve been to!



woodstock 2 woodstock 1 woodstock flyer woodstock 3 woodstock 4 woodstock 5 woodstock 6 woodstock 7 woodstock 8 woodstock 9

woodstock 10 woodstock 11 woodstock 13 woodstock 14 woodstock 15 woodstock 16 woodstock 17 woodstock 18 woodstock 19 woodstock 20 woodstock 21 woodstock 22 woodstock 23



Please note: I do NOT own the rights to any of these photos. [Photo source:]

“The Most Dangerous City in the United States”

Last night I traveled into the city that is known as the “most dangerous in all of the United States”, Camden, New Jersey. It is right outside of Philadelphia and ranks number one on pretty much every list of “dangerous cities.” I went to Camden to go to the Susquehenna Bank Center to see the Zac Brown Band concert (my second time seeing them) and they were great!! Here are a couple of photos I took, didn’t get too many of the city but it looks pretty normal in some spots.

Image[Camden Skyline] From this photo you would never guess how much crime goes on in this city.


This photo was taken walking towards the Bank Center. Camden has trolleys which I thought was pretty cool and it was something I did not know. Rutgers University is just a few minutes away from where this photo was taken, a lot of students were taking the trolley back and forth. Again in this photo, the city doesn’t look to be too bad.

Since I did not get to take too many city photos, here are a couple of Google images for those of you who have never seen what Camden looks like:




[Photo source: Google Images]

As you can see in these photos, Camden is very run down and could use a huge face lift. As I drove through the city I noticed a lot of what these pictures show. But in the midst of all this, music brought a bunch of people together!


Ā This photo is quite dark but I love how the sky looks and how you can see the heads of many people enjoying the concert. It amazes me how music can be so beautiful and bring such random groups of people together!