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Order Your Copy of ‘Gracie and the Lost Christmas Gift’ Today!


Sending out copies of Gracie makes me happy! Purchase your copy today by clicking here and get some of that chaotic Holiday Shopping out of the way!

What’s the story about?

A Children’s Book Appropriate for the Babies, Too!


Although Growing Up Gracie is geared more towards Pre-K and Elementary aged children, it still makes for a great bedtime story for your little babies! Get a head start on your holiday shopping by purchasing your copy today!

Brief Book Summary:

Children’s Christmas Book – Now Available for Pre-Order!


The first book of my “Growing Up Gracie” children’s book series is now available for pre-order! Get a head start on holiday shopping and purchase ahead of time here:

Brief Book Summary:
Join Gracie & her mom on a shopping trip where the stumble upon a holiday crisis. Make your way through the crowded Christmas chaos to complete an important mission that could save someone’s holiday!

Box Full of Gracie!


A wonderful family friend got an early start on her holiday shopping and ordered a bunch of Gracie books for the little ones in her life! I’m so lucky to have such caring and supportive people around me!

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Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Check out my article with for some great children’s craft ideas for Valentine’s Day!


The greatest thing about a child’s Valentines Day is the fun and innocence of it. For some, it’s the perfect holiday to spend with your significant other, however it can also a great time to show your family how much you care. This year, enjoy some bonding time with your kids by participating in these creative crafts together, and help them understand the concept of Valentine’s Day while making one-of-a-kind, heartfelt gifts for their friends and loved ones.

The following crafts are sure to keep everyone entertained on a chilly February day, and the kids are sure to enjoy putting their own personal touch on some of them. These innovative crafts are not too difficult to complete either, so children with basic cutting and gluing skills can easily create them with your help!
Valentine’s Day Bookmarks
Do your kiddies love to read? Help your little bookworm create their own Valentine’s bookmark to use while reading or to give a friend as a gift. This is a simple and safe craft for children to do and they can get creative by decorating their bookmark or writing a love poem on it. For this craft, children under the age of 7 may need help from a parent.
Materials Needed:
  • Red or pink construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Decorations items (ex: sparkles, glitter, crayons or markers for drawing)
Use the red or pink construction paper to cut a rectangular-bookmark shape. Punch a hole into the top of the bookmark and put a festive ribbon or some yarn through it. (Or both) Tie the ribbon at the end to form a loop or use the yarn and let it hang down. Then have the children decorate it with any items they’d like such as googly eyes, sparkles, glitter or their own drawing and writing.
Lovely Heart Suncatcher
This fun craft is a perfect way to utilize leftover tissue paper from the holidays and will make an adorable decoration in your home! Children will enjoy their time helping you cut the tissue paper and watching the sun shine through when it is completed! This suncatcher craft is ideal for elementary aged children. With a parents help, children a bit younger can also participate.
Materials Needed:
  • Old t-shirt gift box or poster board (red or white)
  • Clear contact paper
  • Leftover tissue paper (pink, red, white)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Gift wrapping ribbon (red)
Fold the corners of the open gift box and cut out a shape of a heart.
Cut another heart out of the inside of that heart and keep cutting to make smaller ones until you can’t cut anymore hearts. Match each of these hearts to the other side of the gift box so they are identical.
Lay half the hearts on its good side facing down onto the clear contact paper.
Cut the tissue paper into small squares.
Place the tissue paper onto the contact paper so it is slightly overlapping.
Use a second sheet of contact paper to put over the top of the tissue paper.
Use a dab of glue to fasten the strings and seal the contact paper over it.
Trim the extra paper around the hearts then hang in the window as decoration!
Valentine’s Day Ladybugs
Create heartwarming ladybugs covered in tiny heart speckles! Hang your ladybug on the fridge as decoration or on your front door to welcome guests! This craft is suitable for elementary aged children.
Materials Needed:
  • 1 large red heart cut from construction paper
  • 2 small black hearts cut from construction paper
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • 2 small wiggle eyes (2 for each ladybug)
  • Small paper hearts for dots (black)
Place the red heart upside down and attach the black heart to the point of the red heart, forming the ladybug’s head.
Attach another black heart to the bottom for the “bottom.”
Glue on googly eyes to the head. (the top heart)
Attach the pipe cleaner to the head and fold it in half to make two sides.
Cut a hole, or use a hole puncher to put a tiny hole into the top of the head to put the antennae through.
Once the pipe cleaner is through the hole, twist each side to form an antennae.
Then glue the small black hearts onto the body of the ladybug.
Spread some more love by decorating your home with the fun creations once they’re complete! You can also use your crafts as gifts for the children to give out to their classmates at school.

20 Steps to Writing A Children’s Book

I stumbled upon this website, “The Pioneer Woman,” where an author shared her book publishing process. I thought it was pretty cool for anyone interested in having a book published some day, or even for those doing taking the illustration route. She shared the process for her children’s book, which is even cooler because you get to check out how the photos are chosen for the story. This has been a thought of mine for a few years now that has lingered in the back of my head. It’s still up in the air but I would love to try it one day.