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Monday According to Statistics


“I know today is Monday and you’re assuming it’s going to suck, but according to statistics, there will be over 5,000 weddings, 10,000 child births and 42 million hugs occurring today throughout the United States. Also today, there will be at least 4 people that will win the multi-million dollar lotteries, 600 people will get promotions at work, and 3,000 people will lose their virginity. There will also be 600 dogs adopted, 35,000 balloons sold and 800,000 skittles sold. Plus, the words “I love you” will be said over 9 million times. So, again, I know today is Monday and you assume it’s going to suck but just smile, because according to statistics, it should actually be a really nice day.”

It’s Never too Late


At the young age of 24, I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I know I want a career in writing, whether it be for a magazine, newspaper, website, etc. Writing is sort of like the music industry in a way, you have to get your foot in the right door to move up the ladder. You have to be unique and different than other writers out there. It’s not easy but if you want it bad enough you just have to keep at it until the right opportunity knocks on your door. It’s funny because when I was 18 and went to college, I originally was going to become a teacher. I was always good at writing and was told by my teachers that I was talented but it wasn’t until my third year of college that my Journalism professor took me aside one day when he saw me in the hall way (after only having one class with him so far) and told me he gave me a 10 out of 10 on my article (which he said he never does!) He told me I was extremely talented and spent the rest of the semester telling me how I could be published one day. I then took a summer course with him for Magazine Writing which I not only did well in, but I also enjoyed it.

I feel that it’s unfair for kids just getting out of high school to expect to know what they want to do for the rest of their life. I know people in their 40’s who still aren’t sure. I guess it’s all part of the money trap though, which I ended up caught in with a lot of other Americans. You pay all kinds of money to get a degree then when you graduate, you have trouble finding a job. Most American’s now-a-days work, work, work and they end up nowhere. But I encourage those 40-something year olds and others to do what they want to do, no matter what age you are. It’s never too late to go back to school if you have to or take courses in something that will help you with getting a good job. I’m still convinced that we all (no matter what age) are still trying to figure our lives out and what we want to do to make ourselves happy. Happiness is the one thing we’re all searching for, we don’t have that much time here on Earth so I suggest you don’t give up until you find it.

“We complicate things, too often, too much. Simple is true and we must stop clouding skies that were born clear. Find what you simply know and follow it. It may be scary, it may be new, but it will always be worth it.” -Tyler Knott Gregson

I love Tyler Knott Gregson’s work. Such a simple statement, yet filled with so much meaning.

I found this quote last week on his Instagram page along with this photo:



It’s so funny how you look back at your life and notice the small changes you have made without even realizing it.  I feel so much mature now than I ever have and I’m slowly starting to realize that my old ways are changing and I’m okay with it!  I feel like I’ve grown so much in the past year and a half because of things that have happened in my life… sometimes it’s hard if others around you are still stuck on a less mature level.  They won’t understand the things you wish to do and the things you get rid of in your life for the better.  For example, last March my youngest brother almost passed away on my front lawn in the middle of a stupid fight.  As I watched.  Well, I tried to help also but the part that almost killed him, I saw it all.  I won’t go into full detail tonight but one day I will.  The point is my perspective on things changed so much.  My views on violence and fighting, I rather see myself as past that point in my life.  Others that I’m around at times won’t understand my feelings if they have not gone through what I have gone through.  And that’s okay.  Don’t let this stop you because no matter what, people will never know what it is like to walk in your shoes or be inside your head for a day.  So, back to doing what you want to reach your happiness… do what is best for you and ignore negativity from others.  Expect the negativity though because as sad as it is, people get envious over others doing what they want to do because they haven’t made the step in their own life yet to pursue their dreams.  I have noticed this in some people and instead of getting angry with them like I would have years ago, questioning myself “How come they aren’t happy for me if I would be happy for them?!”  I simply remember that I’m doing what I want to do.  The thing is, their reactions doesn’t really have anything to do with you… it’s them.  It’s their own issues that get brought to the surface.  If you choose to not let others get in your way, you can reach your goals.