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Actors Bring Out Reactions to Racism in Harlem, NY [video attached]

This video takes place at a barber shop in Harlem, New York and has been set up with actors to see what peoples reaction to blatant racism is. This is a great watch! Shows you that there are people out there that will stand up for what ¬†they believe in and will speak up to those who are not only wrong, but rude. People should be able to be with whoever makes them happy, in my eyes, those that think otherwise are close minded and probably have never tried dating out of their race. (I’m sure it has crossed their minds, but most won’t ever admit that) So in that case, don’t speak up on anything you haven’t experienced yourself!

Moving to a slightly different topic, but still similar – Marriage doesn’t seem as sacred as it used to be, people everywhere getting married for unnecessary reasons – ruining the whole meaning of marriage. What the world needs is people who actually love each other to get married, whether they’re in an interracial marriage or a same sex marriage.