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The Curse of the Internet

So I’m just scrolling thru my Facebook news feed, seeing some worthwhile stuff and then some BS that I stop myself from clicking on. When I think about it, yes internet helps us and gives us knowledge at times when we need it but it is also destroying an entire generation. My mom was telling me today about all the things she used to do with friends when she was younger, mostly going places and being outside. Sometimes I wish that today’s society could be forced to actually do this rather than play games online or creep thru Instagram and Twitter. Do you ever stop and think about how much time we WASTE doing this? I read somewhere that people pick up their phone and look thru it over 110 times a day! Let that sink in real quick and think of all the productive things you could be doing instead. The internet has its perks but it also has side effects that will cause an individual to become lazy, dependent, unsocial and withdrawn from society. Hmm, sounds like a lame commercial about an anti-depressant. I hope technology doesn’t get too advanced in the future, I want humans walking this earth – not robots.