Go Down the Rabbit Hole: A Writer’s Manifesto

Writing for Digital Media

1. You are the work. The work is you: both an articulation of the self and a possibility for self-reflection. Be honest in creation: allow yourself to bleed into the work, but also allow it to work on you. Your work can show you things: illuminate and clarify your own thoughts, motivations, actions. If you do it right, you will find the work changing you, too.

2. Thinking is process. Laying on the floor. Sitting on park benches. Getting lost on purpose. These are all working. Learn the difference between mindless distraction and mindful wandering.

3. Go down the rabbit hole. Sometimes the work isn’t about what you think it is. Allow yourself to get lost down alleyways, to follow a train of thought around a corner. Don’t feel you need to reign yourself in. Too much focus squeezes all the possibility for revelation out of the work.

4. Fear…

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The Art of Staying Still


There is something to silence, something to solitude and the sustainment of a state of being that lulls a mind into its quiet nooks and rifts, cocooning thoughts into circuitous notions and immovable meditations. To be fixed, fastened and pinned to one place can make a body move slow and make the wandering heart crave… something. Anything. To simply go. For the ones who wish to move freely through the world, this silence, solitude and sustainment can feel less contemplative and more broody, stalled.

This is where I find myself this gray and rainy January day in the middle of the workweek with no brightly lit, faraway place in sight. In this space, feet firmly planted in home, a funny thing begins to happen. As a collector of things — stones, books, trinkets, leaves, words — I surround myself with the things that define my world, define my home. I arrange them carefully to tell…

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Sunsets are Forever – A Gallery of SkyPorn

All the following photos were taken myself. Enjoy! 🙂