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Home Sweet Home

Hello WordPress followers! I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately, I just returned home from a vacation in California! I came home to snow which was rough after spending 9 days in Cali weather. It was a bit chilly at night but during the day was pretty nice there, now I’m back to scraping snow off my car in the morning! I will be posting pictures of my trip, we traveled to a lot of different parts of Cali so there’s a bunch that I will be uploading. I just wanted to check in and say hi before I fell asleep (in my own bed!) Crazy how being away from blogging can drive one crazy! But I’m glad to be back. 🙂

Here’s a photo tease from Castaic Lake… so beautiful! The mountains were amazing to look at since I have none where I live.


Ultimate Road Trip Songs

cali coastroad tripping

Less than 24 hours until I’m on a place headed to California! I will be landing at LAX and staying in Los Angeles for a few days, visiting San Diego, Orange County and San Francisco! We will be driving up to San Francisco from LA so I put together the perfect road trip playlist ideal for anyone going for a joy ride:

  1. Journey: Don’t Stop Believin’ (no matter who you are, you dance to this song when it comes on)
  2.  Lynyrd Skynyrd: Free Bird
  3. Tom Cochrane or Rascal Flatts: Life is A Highway
  4. The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter
  5. Lenny Kravitz: Fly Away
  6. Oasis: Wonderwall
  7. Tom Petty: Free Fallen
  8. The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony
  9. Elton John: Tiny Dancer
  10. Living On A Prayer: Bon Jovi
  11. Drive: Incubus
  12. AC/DC: Highway to Hell
  13. John Mellencamp: Little Pink Houses
  14. The Who: Teenage Wasteland (Baba O’Riley)
  15. Wagon Wheel: Darius Rucker
  16. Meat Loaf: Paradise by the Dashboard Light
  17. Nelly: Ride Wit Me
  18. Goo Goo Dolls: Slide
  19. Miley Cyrus: We Can’t Stop
  20. TLC: No Scrubs
  21. Jason Aldean: Take a Little Ride
  22. Florida Georgia Line: Cruise
  23. Foghat: Slow Ride
  24. Edgar Winter Group: Free Ride
  25. Rihanna: Pour It Up

So as you see, I love all kinds of music! Some of these are classics and others are more recent but they’re all perfect for a long ride. 🙂 Enjoy!

I will be posting pictures while I’m in California and possibly some regular blog posts as well! See you in 9 days New York!

A Mental Makeover

ImageSan Clemente, California [Orange County]

A year ago today, I was enjoying my third day in California.. wandering the streets, staring up at the palm trees that surrounded me. It was my first time there and I had left New York to clear my head of a few things. I went on my own, meeting up with my aunt and friend once I got there. I was stressed at home and needed a mental break, which the 9-day vacation did. I came home with a clearer conscious and a mind more made up than ever. I had decided to eat healthier, which I did. I cut fast food out of my diet completely. I think I had McDonald’s two or three times in 2013. (Which is huge considering I used to eat it all the time when my younger body could endure it) I decided to leave a relationship that I found wasn’t suiting for me any longer and I was really proud of myself. I let go of the things that were weighing me down and I feel as though my trip to California really assisted me in doing all this. I came home a different person, and I was glad. I had many chances to just be myself and stare at the sunsets or walk on the beach and it opened my eyes to a whole new world. Sometimes all you need is to get away from the norm for a while… see new things and explore new places. I’ll be leaving for California again in 17 days and I’m counting down the days! I’m hoping that again I will come home with great new experiences that will shape me into an even better person than before.

A few more photos from my trip:


La Jolla, California


San Diego, California


Mimosas in Dana Point [Orange County]


Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles


The view from my aunt’s apartment – San Diego