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10 Books I’m Currently Wanderlusting Over

Open a book. Escape the mundane. Travel and imagine and explore. Turn each page. Bend each spine. Revel in the smell of mold and mildew and life. Books help us escape our minds. Travel helps us escape our reality. Books sedate our wanderlust,… View Full Post

Source: 10 Books I’m Currently Wanderlusting Over

My Trip to Chicago!

I know I haven’t posted on here in a while, been busy with work and traveled a bit. Check out my photos from my recent trip to Chicago! It was FREEZING! 45 degrees and raining when we got there, a lot colder than New York, surprisingly. All photos taken by me.


This photo was taken on “The Ledge” at Willis Tower, formerly known as The Sears Tower. I wanted to do the Skydeck so badly, happy I can now check it off my bucket list! You can see Lake Michigan from it as well as four states!


lake michigan

The beautiful city of Chicago and Lake Michigan behind it.

willis tower 2

As you’re on line waiting for the elevators, (you have to go up 103 floors to get to the top) they have interesting information on the walls to keep you busy while you wait. Here, it tells you the four states you can see from the Skydeck and where exactly the tower is located. (Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana & Illinois)

skydeck 2

Photo isn’t too great but it shows how far down it is and how everything you’re sitting/stepping on is ALL glass! So cool!

iconic chicago

Here is another image the tower has on one of the walls as you’re walking up. ICONIC CHICAGO!

skydeck jordan

Some fun facts!

skydeck info


chi town

bridge chicago

Roaming the streets of Chicago (the very clean streets I may add)

me in chicago

wrigley field

Wrigley Field set up for a concert. We saw Zac Brown Band play. This was my third time seeing them and they were still amazing! I definitely enjoy concerts more when there’s lawn seating, though.

chi town 2

Millennium Park

the bean

Not too great of a photo, but this is “The Bean” at Millennium Park.

the bean 2

Our reflections in The Bean 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my vacation photos! xoxo

Thursday’s Travels: The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert – the world’s hottest desert. Located in North Africa.


The Sahara Desert is the world’s third largest desert.


It covers almost all of Africa, making it almost the same size as the USA or China.


The surface of the desert ranges from large areas of sand dunes, to stone plateaus, gravel plains , dry valleys, and salt flats.








[All photo sources: Google]

10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self


I always think back to when I was younger and how I had specific expectations about my future, not having any clue as to what was ahead. If I could go back in time and prepare myself for anything, it would be the following:

1. Save more money. Every time I received money for holidays, birthdays, etc. I quickly spent it. Now, at the age of 24, I wish I had some more money to fall back on when needed.


2. Make the most out of your college years. If I could do it all over, I probably would go away for college and actually try my very best to finish. I would have stayed on top of financial aid and anything else that went along with schooling. I went to a local school and sometimes I feel I would have had a better college experience if I went away. Your college years only come around once, make them count.


3. Don’t bother trying to fit in. After high school, no ones gives a crap what “clique” you belonged to. Don’t stress over silly people who one day will probably be out of your life forever. The only person you should care about impressing is yourself.


4. Things will change – be prepared. You don’t realize when it’s happening but things change constantly and you never realize until you’re looking back on things. Your friends will change, your relationships will change, your looks will change. The only constant in this life – change.


5. Take advantage & be thankful for all the things you have access to. We don’t realize until we’re older all the things we received as children that are now not as easy to get as adults. This goes for a couple of different things… anything from food, hot water, health insurance, schooling, a roof over our heads. If you were fortunate enough as a child, your parents or guardians made sure you had all these things growing up. All the necessities. Now as an adult, you hope you don’t get injured because getting health insurance through your job is too expensive so you just don’t have any at all. Everything comes with a price.


6. Keep a journal/diary. Write down all the big moments in your life so you can read it ten, twenty years from now. You’ll get a good laugh at how silly you were as a kid and it will remind you of some fun childhood memories. It’s nice to take a walk down memory lane and you will want to once you’re older.

Image7. Listen to your parents when they tell you to brush your teeth. This may sound funny but it’s so true, they’re telling you this for a reason and if you don’t listen you will most likely pay for it when you’re older. The dentist sucks – plain and simple. And it costs money.


8. Be adventurous as much as possible. Go everywhere you can and cause some trouble. Paint the town red and enjoy every minute of it before adult responsibilities get in the way.


9. Eat the cake… eat the candy… eat the ice cream. Eat it all. One day your metabolism will slow down and you will definitely not be able to eat like you used to. Feed your sweet tooth.


And most importantly…

10. Stop rushing. I remember being young and wanted to be a “grown up” so badly. Ugh, now I ask myself “why?!” You have no responsibilities when you’re a child, nothing to worry about. Enjoy it, stop rushing to become an adult because when it happens you’re going to wish you could go back to a time when things were much simpler.Image