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Through My Dog’s Eyes


My eyes open slowly as I hear the rumble of her car pull up,
The house is silent, no one but me has been home all day.
I frantically get up off the couch without even stretching first.
I must be at the door to greet her!I’m so glad she’s finally home so we can eat and throw the ball around.
I hear the screetch of the door opening and her body stands slouched in the doorway.
She gives me a quick brush on the head as she mumbles something walking by me.
I look up at her eagerly, awaiting her smile and hugs.
She flips through the mail, each envelope laying softly upon the other.
She turns and I know she is ready to eat and throw the ball around now,
But she grabs her things and heads up the stairs to her bedroom.
I sigh as I walk back over to the couch, tail still wagging.
“How come humans have to take things so seriously?” I thought.

– CT –

This poem came from a thought I had today. My dog was so excited to see me when I got home from work and I was preoccupied about the long day I just had and the traffic I sat in for a half hour. He was barking and jumping on me and I just muffled “Hi, Charlie” and quickly pet his head. It’s crazy how loyal a dog stays… never holding a grudge against you when you’re in a bad mood. Sometimes I wish us humans were like dogs, they’ve got it all figured out!