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“The Buddy Bench” Created by a 2nd Grade Boy [Video Attached]

2nd-Grader’s “Buddy Bench” Cures Playground Loneliness

I think this is absolutely adorable and what a smart thing for a 2nd-grader to think of! Keep making positive changes little boy, the world needs it!!


Feel-Good Video of the Day

Woman gets breast tattoos after her mastectomy. Beautiful, inspiring video.


Some people judge those that have tattoos, personally I have 6 of my own and I love them. This woman uses tattooing to help her get past a struggling point in her life. Tattoos add decoration to your bodies canvas and can be a therapeutic thing people use to either  help them let go, help them remember a loved one or even inspire them. Before you judge someone because of the ink on their body, remember they’re not judging you for not having any. Don’t be so close minded! 🙂


Love the Skin You’re In [Video Attached]

2 People Described The Same Person To A Forensic Artist And This Is What Happened:


This is an amazing video! Shows that we should all love the skin we’re in. We are our own worst critics and are more harder on ourselves than others are. We always look at ourselves and want to fix something… meanwhile when others look at you, they aren’t even noticing the “flaws” you seem to find.

Feel the Rhythm

Feel the Rhythm

This picture is beautiful. It looks to me that it takes place in the 60’s or 70’s at some sort of music festival. They look lost in the music and seem to be so care free. Sometimes I wish I lived in this era, where there was so much peace and unity.  Our generation needs more moments like this.