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Something that Boggles my Mind

My boyfriend and I were discussing last night how celebrities receive free clothing and other items from companies just because they were seen with it in a magazine or maybe they were modeling the clothes for a photo shoot. What I don’t seem to understand is why celebrities, who can afford to buy pretty much whatever their hearts desire, are the ones getting free clothing when there are children out there that need it more. This goes for the non-necessity items as well, such as electronics and jewelry. Wouldn’t it be a better idea to give an x-box to a child at a children’s hospital instead of lets say, a pro-football player? I know there are organizations that do toy drives, coat drives and things like that but these children and families could always use more!

It doesn’t sit with me well that they get free meals either. I don’t care how expensive the lavish restaurant is – they can damn sure afford it. There are people all over this world that are malnourished and starving… send your free food in their direction. Not towards a celebrities mouth. Now, this is just another one of my problems with the world, along with some others but I’m sure there are people out there that understand where I’m coming from. I wish I could give every little child a warm coat, shoes and a gourmet meal along with a warm place to sleep. The sad thing is, the world has the money to do so, but the wrong people are spending it for us.

This world needs changing.