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Monday Motivation

Good morning Word Press.  I can’t believe it is Monday again!  The week goes by so fast when we look back on it but while we’re in it, it goes dreadfully slow.  I figured since it is the beginning of the week, we could all use some motivation to keep us going.  I thought about this while I was at Dunkin Donuts this morning getting my free iced coffee (Free Iced Coffee Mondays!)  The man behind the counter looked to be an owner or a manager of the place and he looked so miserable.  He was being polite to everyone but not once cracking a smile.  His eyes looked tired and you could tell he would rather be anywhere but at work. When I see people like this I always wonder what their life is like outside of work.  Are they happy?  Do they hate getting up and going to work everyday?  I feel bad for those who do because I know the feeling.  Before I started working for the website I felt like that a lot of the time.  Where you couldn’t care less about what your co-workers or the customers are saying to you.  It’s a shame because this was an older man and maybe he doesn’t have much of a choice on where he gets to work.  In my eyes though, it is never too late to make a change if it involves your happiness.  I can honestly say that on Monday mornings, I’m no longer a miserable person.  It amazes me too sometimes!  Too many people in this world are unhappy with their day-to-day lives.  I refuse to end up that way and you should feel the same too!  If you feel stuck in a rut with where you’re at in life… just remember that things can only change if you make the first step to change them!  Things will stay the same unless you do something about it.  With change, comes fear, but fear can be a good thing… especially when you overcome yours.  Monday is only a mother if your job is!