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After working at my job for 5 1/2 years, today is my last day! After today I will officially have my Saturdays back to myself to do whatever I please! I cannot wait! It is bittersweet leaving a place you have been this long, one you have been so comfortable at, but there is never growth if you stay in the same place! You have to move on from things in order to open new chapters of your life and move on to bigger and better things. Don’t ever be afraid to make certain moves in your life it it means it will help you continue to grow. I am so excited for the year ahead! 🙂


Simpler Times

I think daily of my childhood

How simple everything was

In my eyes, anyway…


The world around me was probably busy corrupting

But I was a child who bled innocence

And I didn’t know rough times if they had hit me in the face


I find myself thinking of my home

The way the yard was set up as we played

The way my brothers face looked, untouched

I find myself thinking about how fast it went

Fearing that the rest of my life

Will fly fast as well


But next time, I want to look back on my life… with joy

Instead of wishing I was a child still

Instead of wishing all my responsibilities would wash away


I’m steady living in the past and future

Never really being in the present

That’s what I’ll regret the most when I look back