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First Day of the Gracie Book Giveaway!

Today marks the first day of my book giveaway on Goodreads! To enter for a chance to win a free, signed copy – click here! Then click on ‘Enter Giveaway.’ Good luck!


Children’s Book Giveaway!


Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve joined the Goodreads community and will be doing a book giveaway starting Tuesday, December 13th-20th! Enter for a chance to win a free, signed copy of ‘Gracie and the Lost Christmas Gift’

Click here for the details! 

Gift Ideas to Keep on Hand for Unexpected Guests


It’s important to keep gifts on hand for any unexpected holiday guests. They can be simple yet meaningful and will let that guest know that they were not left out!

Picture Frames
Throw Blankets
Gift Cards
Gas Cards
Candies/Cookies/Baked Goods 

These gifts can be appreciated by anyone! Dress them up a bit with some festive ribbon and put them to the side for when you need them!

Enjoy Classic Christmas Movies All Month Long!

Which of these Classic Christmas Movies are your favorite?!

Home Alone
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
A Charlie Brown Christmas
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
A Christmas Story
Miracle on 34th Street
Frosty The Snowman
Jingle All The Way
White Christmas
A Christmas Carol
It’s A Wonderful Life
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Celebrate this evening by watching one of these popular flicks! Your favorite isn’t on the list? Share with me in the comments!

The Start of the Christmas Countdown! (Click Below for Holiday Recipes!)

We are officially starting our Christmas Countdown! To get you guys prepped for the holiday season, it’s important to figure out what will be on your menu!

Easy Appetizers for Holiday Entertaining
Christmas Cocktail Recipes
No Cook Appetizers for the Holidays
Easy No-Bake Delectable Holiday Desserts
Simple Holiday Candy Recipes for Your Favorite Sweet Tooth
Christmas Cookies: Simple Recipes to Make Your Season Bright

christmas dinner table

Hello, December!

hello december

One of my favorite months of the year has arrived! Although the weather is cold, this time of year is one of my absolute favorites. I love all the holiday decor and music… and it will forever remind me of my Christmas’ as a child. To celebrate the season, I will be starting a Christmas countdown! Let’s get excited! And don’t worry, I’ll be posting some great ways to keep calm during the hectic holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Click for Tasty Leftover Recipes!)

gobble til you wobble

Hey guys! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with friends and family! Be thankful for another year! xox

Click here for some delicious Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes!

Sunday Brunch Recipes Made with Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Holiday Clean Up Made Easy!

happy thanksgiving

Make Sparks Fly at Your 4th of July Wedding!

Source: www.Lover-Ly.com
Source: http://www.Lover-Ly.com

What better way to show your pride in your country than to have a 4th of July themed wedding? You don’t necessarily have to be married on the exact day either, you can have this patriotic styled day all throughout the month of July!

A 4th of July themed wedding is a wonderful idea for those who serve for our country and for those who would like to show their thanks in a special way. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, take a look at these ideas to help you throughout the planning process!

Source: www.Etsy.com
Source: http://www.Etsy.com

The invitations are one of the very first things you will have to plan. By using a red, white and blue palette, it will set off an understated but beautiful patriotic look. The ideas are endless for this theme, you can go with stripes, stars, the American flag or just use your theme colors. Add some ribbon to your invite or throw some tiny stars into the envelope so they flow out when your guests open it!

There are a bunch of great ways you can incorporate the red, white and blue theme into your wedding decor. Whether you are having your wedding indoors or outdoors, string some sparkly lights all around or hang lanterns to set a romantic mood. Complete the look by adding red, white and blue balloons throughout the party and setting the tables with patriotic details. You can use a different color table linen on each table or you can have all red or all blue table linens with a white linen overlay to set it off perfectly. If all three colors are too much for you, try using two as the highlight of your look.

Source: www.HelpingHandParties.com
Source: http://www.HelpingHandParties.com

When it comes to your table centerpieces, they can actually save you money if you do some of it on your own. Floral arrangements are popular for centerpieces, as well as candles, which set a passionate mood. The main items used for these centerpieces are easy to find at local dollar stores, then you can decorate them so they match your theme. Place ribbon around the candle holders, creating a stripe effect or glue mini stars to each holder. You can use this design with any type of glass holder or mason jar and put whatever items you desire into them. Lanterns are another great centerpiece choice and are nice for any summertime wedding. You don’t have to just put a candle inside either, you can add whatever you’d like to the lanterns, like an American flag in each to go with your patriotic theme.

Source: www.MarthaStewart.com
Source: http://www.MarthaStewart.com
Source: www.equallywed.com
Source: http://www.equallywed.com

The Food
Set up an All-American style food station for you and your guests. Have all the classics like hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, french fries and grilled cheese. For a tasty dessert, have strawberries dipped in white and blue colored frosting and some cake pops decorated with stars and stripes! Next to the food table, quench your guests’ thirst by having a cocktail station with a mini juice station for the kids. Represent your theme here as well by putting together some red and blue mixed drinks then stick some patriotic straws in each one to really set it off!

Source: www.theknot.com
Source: http://www.theknot.com

Wedding Party
Since the bride will already be in white, incorporate red and blue colors into your wedding party. Have the bridesmaids dress up in patriotic colored dresses while carrying roses in a contrasting color. Another wedding party idea is to have your maid of honor wear red while the bridesmaids wear blue, or vice versa. For the gentleman, dress them up in sleek black suits with patriotic striped ties. They can all wear the same one or you can switch it up by having some wear blue stripes and the other wear red stripes. This will not only be a great pop of color but it will look gorgeous in photos!

Give each guest a favor they can use throughout the summer, like a little baggie full of delicious seasoning to use while cooking on the barbecue. Along with the baggie full of seasoning, give out some matches with your wedding date on them. You can also put your wedding date onto a ribbon used to tie the baggie together!

Source: www.WeddingChicks.com
Source: http://www.WeddingChicks.com

Your Grand Exit
For the ideal grand exit, give your guests hand-held sparklers and have each person light them all at the same time. This is a unique idea instead of using rice which is what most people do at a traditional wedding. Have your photographer take photos as the sparklers are going off, they will come out spectacular! The effects will look magical, especially with the bride and groom perfectly in the middle of all the colorful sparks.

Now that you have some starting ideas, it’s time to plan! Get started as soon as possible so you don’t have to worry about things later on and most of all, remember to have fun with it! The planning process will come to an end and you will be able to look back on an extraordinary evening that you and your guests will never forget!



Thank you to all those who are serving and to those who have served in the past. Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day! Enjoy 🙂