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Make Your Wedding Stand Out – Incorporate Unique Details Into Your Big Day!

Check out these fun ideas on how to make your wedding ceremony different from the rest!

Most brides strive to have a truly stand out, special, and unique wedding they can think of all while keeping the traditional touch at the same time. You may think most people will only remember the big things about your wedding, such as the dress, the cake or the delicious food. Most people don’t realize how important the small details are. The tiny unique additions to your wedding will make quite the impression and will most definitely be memorable.

For the couples out there who have yet to decide on their wedding details, we have come up with some out of the ordinary ideas that will help make your special day shine differently than the others! We will discuss details from your grand entrance all the way down to the table settings.

Wedding Day Program
Personalize your wedding by having a “Wedding Day Program” that will be given out to all your guests. This is a thoughtful detail that will help your guests follow along during the ceremony. It can also come in handy if there are any traditions that they may not be familiar with. Not sure what to add to your program? Here are a few ideas:

  • The order of events during the ceremony
  • Names of those in your bridal party
  • Your wedding song
  • A list of any religious traditions or rituals and the importance of them
  • Brief overview of the menu
  • Thank you note to your guests

Arrive In Style
Make your entrance a grand one by showing up to your wedding in an old-fashioned car or horse and buggy. This will add a unique twist to the celebration, instead of showing up in a traditional limousine. The old-fashioned car is a great choice if you’re having a classic style theme to represent the old days. Choose a horse and buggy for an elegant touch to your royal party!

Activities at Each Table
Not everyone likes to dance and mingle at weddings, so leave some activities at the tables for those who stay seated most of the time. Suggest that your guests write down future baby names and take guesses on if your first born will be a boy or a girl. The baby name suggestions will come in handy one day when you’re trying to decide on one.

Another fun idea is to have them write down 10 year predictions. Will the couple have children? How many children will they have? Will they have their own home? Will they have a new pet? At the end of the night, have each guest place their predictions in a box that you both can open later in the night or the next day.

Creative Wedding Guest Book
Having a wedding guest book is a great addition to a wedding party. It allows you to look back whenever you’d like to see the well wishes your guests wrote to you. It’s a part of your wedding day that you get to keep forever. Instead of using an actual book, there are some other cool ideas for your guests’ wishes:

  • Use a large wooden letter of your new last name. Make sure it is large enough for your guests to sign. You can leave the rustic look or paint it to match your wedding colors. Add a white bow to it to make it stand out even more.
  • Have your guests sign little wooden hearts or wine corks and drop them into a shadow box. This is a creative idea and can be used as decoration in your bedroom.
  • Tell each guest to use the photo booth and print out pictures to glue to a photo album. Have them sign at the bottom of their print. It’s hard to mingle with every single person at your wedding, so these photos will show you just how much fun everyone was having!

Party Favors They’ll Put to Use
Give your guests something to take home that they can enjoy and put to use. A unique wedding favor that is sure to be a hit is some colored margarita salt in a tin.  Put your wedding date on it with both bride and grooms names. Choose colors to match your theme, for the outside of the tin and for the salt on the inside, too! Your guests will love this cool idea and will think of you the next time they’re sipping on their colorful margarita!

We hope these imaginative ideas make your wedding day stand out just the way you wanted! Your guests will be impressed, along with yourself; on how great a job you did planning!

Honor Your Heritage With a Beautiful Irish Theme Wedding!

Need some ideas on a theme for your big day? Check out these elegant Irish theme wedding ideas!

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, so it should be planned exactly the way you want it! We know it is difficult for a couple to narrow it down to a specific theme since there are so many ideas out there. Make your special day a unique one by honoring your heritage with an Irish style wedding. This means lots of Emerald, shamrocks and some traditional Irish music!

March is a popular time for Irish theme weddings, since St. Patrick’s Day events are celebrated throughout the entire month. Whether you’re planning an Irish theme wedding for next year or are putting some finishing touches on this month’s celebration, here are some exclusive Irish wedding ideas:

“Lucky in Love” Invitations
Go all out with your Irish theme by adding some luck of the Irish to your invitations! Use green font to make it pop and have “Lucky in Love” written across the top with an accent shamrock. You can make it a 3-D invitation by gluing a shamrock to the top or you can have your vendor draw it in. If you really would like to get creative, make your entire invitation the shape of a shamrock!

DIY Mini Four-Leaf Clovers
Decorate the tables with tiny four-leaf clovers, without breaking the bank! Purchase some fake flowers from a local craft store, ones with plenty of green leaves, along with a four-leaf clover punch out. If you can’t find this at a store, check some websites to purchase them. Punch out your clovers using the fake green leaves, making as many as you need for your big day.

Use Plenty of Emerald Accents
If you are interested in an Irish theme but don’t wish to go over the top, simply add minor green accents to wedding décor.

  • Hang colorful, yet classy shamrocks from the ceiling and add a shamrock shaped or emerald colored straw to each champagne glass.
  • Wrap the party favors in emerald packaging and place at each table setting.
  • Place a large emerald bow on the back of each chair, or an emerald colored sash.
  • As the bride, wear emerald heels under your dress for a festive but still subtle look.
  • Incorporate the Irish color into your centerpieces, using decorative items such as beads or some white and green flowers.

Elegant Emerald Wedding Cake
The wedding cake will be one of the main attractions at your celebration, and the great thing about it is you can customize it any way you’d like! Create an Emerald shamrock layer at the bottom of your cake, decorating the next few layers with celtic style designs. Top it off with a “top hat” layer to symbolize a leprechaun hat! Another fun idea is for a separate groom’s cake, a green Heineken bottle! This is a great manly touch for your significant other and the color will even match your theme! As for the menu, indulge in some corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread or other traditional Irish sweets for dessert.

Celtic Styled Wedding Party
Incorporate your theme while planning the details for your wedding party. Choose an emerald color for your bridesmaid dresses, or have them wear an emerald colored lace or ribbon somewhere on their dresses. If you don’t want too much color in the dresses, the ladies can wear something in their hair to show a pop of color. For the groom’s side, have his best man and wedding party wear emerald ties, giving off a nice subtle touch.

Irish Entertainment
To complete the perfect Irish wedding, you can’t forget about the traditional music! To really make your guests feel like they’re in Ireland, have bagpipers and fiddlers play at your wedding. This tops off your night perfectly, along with a live Irish band or a DJ spinning your classic favorites. While the music is playing, hand out fun party favors for your guests, including leprechaun hats, green beads to wear around their necks and funky shamrock sunglasses.

Put all these inspirational ideas together and you will have an exceptional wedding day! Incorporate anything else you’d like to really make your heritage stand out, maybe some family heirlooms or your grandmother’s jewelry. It is your day, show pride in your culture and turn it into a dream come true!

5 Types of People I Feel Sorry For

When I was still in college, I took a Journalism class that required us to write a satire-like article that could possibly hurt someones feelings but have them also understand and agree where I was coming from. I say satire because it ridiculed people and criticized society. Using sarcasm and ridicule in my writing is not something I usually do but definitely something I have thought about in order to gain a wider variety of readers.

A lot of young girls see sarcasm and blunt truth in magazines like Cosmopolitan, which I used to read all the time. As I have gotten older I haven’t really read it too much because I feel some of the articles can do more harm rather than help. Like the ones about your boyfriend cheating or what he really thinks about your body during sex…. ummm there is a reason why we can’t read minds! And what they fail to realize is that not every guy will think the things they publish in their magazine. They cause a wide range of women to over-think situations and think of issues that may have not been there in the first place. (Which us women tend to do a lot!) They may think they’re being honest but they’re really just making girls and women come up with more bullshit in their heads that don’t need to be there.

Lately, when their posts come up on my Facebook wall, I scroll over them in disgust rather than feel the need to want to read what they have to say. I’m not bashing them, because they do have some great articles. For example, their beauty and health articles are great and are quite helpful to most people, I’m sure. But, when it comes to relationships and other personal issues, they seem to be feeding women things that aren’t necessarily going to happen and it drives me crazy at times!

Now that I have rambled, here is my satire-like post for the day: 5 Types of People I Feel Sorry For

Now, while reading this please remember what I usually post and how nice of a person I am lol! It just seems now-a-days people are being fed fake crap rather than being told the truth. Places like Thought Catalog have posted these types of articles so I figured I’d give it a go and see what happens!

1. Those who have not actually grown as they got older. This is for those who still act like they’re in high school, even though they are half way to 30 years old. Growth shows maturity, I see less and less of it lately. And I don’t mean those who still go out and get drunk, because hey, drinks are needed in adult life. Things get rough! I’m saying, if I acted the way I did in high school still, I’d be embarrassed. Some people take longer than others, I understand this but there comes a time when everyone needs to just grow the hell up.

2. Those who let others influence their decisions. Asking advice is fine, we all do it and sometimes it’s just what we need. But when you’re letting negative influences into your life it only shows signs of your vulnerability. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Be your own person and stand up for yourself – do what YOU want to do. It’s your life and it is going to go by way too quickly for you to not do what you are meant to do.

3. Those who just can’t let go. I’ve been here before, guilty! But, that is exactly why I have no problem writing this. I have been the type of person that just took way too long to let things go. This includes negative situations, petty arguments and even people. But damn, it feels so much better when you finally do it… like a boulder lifted off your shoulders. Do it and get on with it. You know you want to.

4. Those who still use Facebook to air their dirty laundry. Not only is this annoying as hell but no one actually cares about your relationship issues or your thoughts on what your significant other is doing wrong. If you’re not in high school anymore, you should have no reason to put that type of personal information out there for the world to see. You not only make the other person look bad, but it also makes you look stupid. Just saying.

5. This one is directed towards women. Women that still act like they’re 19. And I don’t mean by going out and partying, because I believe at any age you should still enjoy yourself as much as possible. What I mean is drama. You still act petty, envious and talk shit about everyone. How old are you? If you’re in your late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, whatever, shouldn’t you be worrying about more important issues? Come on…

See! Wasn’t so bad, right? I’m trying out different styles of writing, seeing what I can pull out of myself… that’s all. Thanks for reading and hopefully you still come back to read my more positive posts! 🙂

DIY Winter Wedding Centerpieces – Simple, Fun & Cost Efficient

Hello followers! I am going to be writing the weekly wedding articles from now on with LongIsland.com, so I will be sharing them on here as well for all of you planning your big day. 🙂

For those of you braving the cold and planning a winter wedding, we have the perfect seasonal centerpiece ideas for your big day!

Weddings can be extremely expensive, but centerpieces are an item on your list that don’t have to be. Save some money by creating your own and doing some bargain shopping for the supplies.
If you’re still unsure which color scheme to go with for your special day, most of these ideas can be made ahead of time so you can still add a burst of color once you decide. Take a look at these innovative ideas and check an item off your to-do list!
Winter White Glitter Bottles
Go for a winter wonderland theme with these white glitter creations made from empty wine bottles. You’ll be surprised at what a charming centerpiece a bottle can make once it is fancied up a bit. To begin, clean out any size bottle you would like before spray painting it a winter white. Add an extreme touch of sparkle with some silver glitter to make it pop and once the bottle is dry, place branches or flowers matching your theme inside. If you want to add even more decoration, attach some jewels and paint a number on the bottle to use as a table counter. This way, you’re saving on centerpieces and table number cards!
Wood Chunk Arrangements
If you’re interested in having a rustic-style winter wedding, these assorted wood chunk centerpieces will prove to be the ideal look. Choose a variety of different sizes of wood chunks, clean cut at the top so they’re nice and flat. Place an item of your choice to sit on the wood, such as candles, flowers, lanterns or fabric to match your tables. To add to the rustic theme, place pine cones or fake leaves around the centerpiece.
Tree of Draping Jewels
The tree of draping jewels is a great choice if you’re looking to have a large centerpiece that makes a bold, graceful statement. Purchase some fake white, snowy branches at a local flower shop or craft store (you can spray paint them yourself too) and place them inside a tall, clear cylinder or glass vase of your choice. You can add some marbles or seasonal ornaments to the bottom of the glass to keep the branch in place. Once it is sturdy, decorate the tree with hanging tear drop shaped crystals. If you want more of a winter style, use hanging snowflakes as an alternative. You will certainly be impressed with this wonderful display and it is sure to capture the attention of your guests!
Candle-Lit Paper Lanterns
Get a super elegant look by creating glowing paper lanterns for the center of your tables. It is inexpensive and simple to make, plus it adds a soft touch to your winter décor. Use a flameless candle to put in the center of the lantern so you can avoid any trouble if someone knocks it over. Once the candle is inside, you can add some decorations to the outside of the lantern such as crystals or fake snow to complete your theme. Or, just use the candle if you would like to keep things simple.
Mason Jar Centerpieces
Mason jars have become a popular trend amongst weddings and other celebrations in the past year. We have a couple of different creations you can put together utilizing mason jars. You can keep it simple by placing a piece of burlap or ribbon around the jar and adding a pretty accent to it, such as a pearl to stick with the winter white theme. If you want a classier look, use lace instead of burlap. Leave it as is, or add a candle to the inside for a pleasant touch. Get a bit more creative and spray paint your jars white and stick some flourishing flowers inside to match the rest of your décor. Then, add a ribbon around the jar to complete the display.
Once you choose a centerpiece and complete it, you will feel satisfied knowing you put your hard work into it and that others loved it. Keep a centerpiece for yourself to save as a keepsake so you can look back on it and remind yourself of your creative side! Creating things yourself can really help keep the cost down also, making it easier for you to spend a couple extra dollars on that perfect honeymoon spot!

Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Check out my article with LongIsland.com for some great children’s craft ideas for Valentine’s Day!


The greatest thing about a child’s Valentines Day is the fun and innocence of it. For some, it’s the perfect holiday to spend with your significant other, however it can also a great time to show your family how much you care. This year, enjoy some bonding time with your kids by participating in these creative crafts together, and help them understand the concept of Valentine’s Day while making one-of-a-kind, heartfelt gifts for their friends and loved ones.

The following crafts are sure to keep everyone entertained on a chilly February day, and the kids are sure to enjoy putting their own personal touch on some of them. These innovative crafts are not too difficult to complete either, so children with basic cutting and gluing skills can easily create them with your help!
Valentine’s Day Bookmarks
Do your kiddies love to read? Help your little bookworm create their own Valentine’s bookmark to use while reading or to give a friend as a gift. This is a simple and safe craft for children to do and they can get creative by decorating their bookmark or writing a love poem on it. For this craft, children under the age of 7 may need help from a parent.
Materials Needed:
  • Red or pink construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Decorations items (ex: sparkles, glitter, crayons or markers for drawing)
Use the red or pink construction paper to cut a rectangular-bookmark shape. Punch a hole into the top of the bookmark and put a festive ribbon or some yarn through it. (Or both) Tie the ribbon at the end to form a loop or use the yarn and let it hang down. Then have the children decorate it with any items they’d like such as googly eyes, sparkles, glitter or their own drawing and writing.
Lovely Heart Suncatcher
This fun craft is a perfect way to utilize leftover tissue paper from the holidays and will make an adorable decoration in your home! Children will enjoy their time helping you cut the tissue paper and watching the sun shine through when it is completed! This suncatcher craft is ideal for elementary aged children. With a parents help, children a bit younger can also participate.
Materials Needed:
  • Old t-shirt gift box or poster board (red or white)
  • Clear contact paper
  • Leftover tissue paper (pink, red, white)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Gift wrapping ribbon (red)
Fold the corners of the open gift box and cut out a shape of a heart.
Cut another heart out of the inside of that heart and keep cutting to make smaller ones until you can’t cut anymore hearts. Match each of these hearts to the other side of the gift box so they are identical.
Lay half the hearts on its good side facing down onto the clear contact paper.
Cut the tissue paper into small squares.
Place the tissue paper onto the contact paper so it is slightly overlapping.
Use a second sheet of contact paper to put over the top of the tissue paper.
Use a dab of glue to fasten the strings and seal the contact paper over it.
Trim the extra paper around the hearts then hang in the window as decoration!
Valentine’s Day Ladybugs
Create heartwarming ladybugs covered in tiny heart speckles! Hang your ladybug on the fridge as decoration or on your front door to welcome guests! This craft is suitable for elementary aged children.
Materials Needed:
  • 1 large red heart cut from construction paper
  • 2 small black hearts cut from construction paper
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • 2 small wiggle eyes (2 for each ladybug)
  • Small paper hearts for dots (black)
Place the red heart upside down and attach the black heart to the point of the red heart, forming the ladybug’s head.
Attach another black heart to the bottom for the “bottom.”
Glue on googly eyes to the head. (the top heart)
Attach the pipe cleaner to the head and fold it in half to make two sides.
Cut a hole, or use a hole puncher to put a tiny hole into the top of the head to put the antennae through.
Once the pipe cleaner is through the hole, twist each side to form an antennae.
Then glue the small black hearts onto the body of the ladybug.
Spread some more love by decorating your home with the fun creations once they’re complete! You can also use your crafts as gifts for the children to give out to their classmates at school.

10 Things A Healthy Relationship Has Taught Me Over a Year

couple under umbrella

I look back on my past relationships and I’m so surprised with how I handled some things. As I get older, my thinking is a little more clear and I’ve opened my eyes to a lot of things. So many people in relationships (myself included) feel they deserve the world and everything in it, waiting for their significant other to give it to them. What they don’t realize is that they need to dish out the same type of love. Don’t expect to be treated well if you can’t treat them the same way. Things must be mutual or one person will not feel fulfilled. When love comes into play, we can all get a little selfish and not act so level-headed at times. For the first time, I feel like I’m in a healthy relationship that is teaching me positive things, instead of “what not to do.”

1. Try to understand where your partner is coming from before freaking out on them. This is a huge sign of maturity.

2. Ask questions before assuming something. (This one can be challenging but at least try!)

3. Stop acting the same way you did in high school. You aren’t 17 anymore, start acting like it. The older you get, the more seriously relationships should be taken. (If it is what you’re looking for)

4. Communicate with one another. I have come to realize that the longer you wait to discuss something, the harder it is and it comes out worse than it would have at the time the problem occurred.

5. Let each other have space. Go out with your friends while they go out with theirs. It’s healthy to spend some time away from each other and have your own lives.

6. Trust them to do the right thing. Sometimes you should leave the dirty work to them. If it’s something they can handle, then let them. This is something I have learned recently as well, it’s not always easy to avoid getting involved when you feel the need to. But doing so will prove you took the higher road and are the better person. And again, you aren’t in high school anymore.

7. You can voice your opinion without it being shut down. The right person will listen to your opinions and issues without being judgmental. They lift you higher instead of bringing you down.

8. Be proud of one another. No matter what the two of you have going on, support each other and show them you want them to get to where they want to be as bad as they do.

9. Don’t let social media ruin things. Ahhh… what most young people and even some older, have issues with. We have all had some social media incidents but this is where the understanding and trusting them to do the right thing comes into play. Discuss things with them, let them know what is alright with you and what isn’t. At the end of the day, most of these kinds of arguments are silly and not worth arguing over. Unfortunately, most of us realize this well after the fact.

10. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Even for the little things (which usually end up being the big things) No matter what anyone says, we all want to feel appreciated for the sweet things we do.

Self Love

Self Love

Loving yourself is so important. Letting go of things that are unhealthy for you is a GOOD thing. It may be hard at first, not matter what it is, but in the end you will thank yourself! Letting go of certain things means you are growing as a person and should only be seen as a positive thing. Once you start to doubt yourself, there is way too much room for other poisons in your brain. You will continue on a self-hating rant. Wouldn’t you rather a self-loving rant instead?

What I Would Like to Accomplish by the Time I Turn 25


Turning 25 seems like a big deal for me. It’s not like turning 22 or 23… you still feel young at those ages. For me, just turning 24 scared me knowing it was one year closer to 25. Since I was little I have always looked at 25 year-olds as people who were so grown up and had everything they wanted. Now that I’m reaching this age that is half way to 30 (eek) I am realizing I was very wrong thinking this! I thought by now I would have my college degree and have a good job and maybe even be engaged to someone. (This was my thinking when I was like, 15/16 years old) Boy, was I wrong again. I never knew that I would end up not having my degree due to finances, be at an OK job and not be engaged. I’m ok with the engagement thing because now that I’ve reached 24 I feel I am too young for that anyway. I’m in a relationship and I hope it comes to that one day, until then, I wait. I also remember thinking I would have such a nice car and go out drinking to places in NYC all the time. Ha! All that requires a good amount of money. I’m in the middle of saving what I can, but the last thing on my mind is having a nice, lavish car to drive around in. The point is… things don’t really ever end up the way you think. I’m in shock that my 25th birthday is this year. It makes me kind of nervous knowing I haven’t achieved certain things yet, but I always try to remind myself that not everyone knows their path right away. It also makes me want to do everything that I’ve ever dreamed of doing because life goes by so fast and I want to make the most of it while I’m still in my 20’s.

What I Would Like to Accomplish by the Time I Turn 25 (which is in 8 months)

  • Write a short story
  • Have a specific amount of money saved up
  • Have another trip planned
  • Have my credit cards paid off
  • Reach at least 300 followers on my blog
  • A healthy, fit body inside & out
  • Participate in another writing contest
  • More positive thinking

I will continue to add on to this last in the next few months and in September I will look back and see what I have accomplished!

37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old

1. Not traveling when you had the chance.


Traveling becomes infinitely harder the older you get, especially if you have a family and need to pay the way for three-plus people instead of just yourself.

2. Not learning another language.


You’ll kick yourself when you realize you took three years of language in high school and remember none of it.

3. Staying in a bad relationship.


No one who ever gets out of a bad relationship looks back without wishing they made the move sooner.

4. Forgoing Sunscreen.


Wrinkles, moles, and skin cancer can largely be avoided if you protect yourself.

5. Missing the chance to see your favorite musicians.


“Nah, dude, I’ll catch Nirvana next time they come through town.” Facepalm.

6. Being scared to do things.


Looking back you’ll think, What was I so afraid of?

7. Failing to make physical fitness a priority.


Too many of us spend the physical peak of our lives on the couch. When you hit 40, 50, 60, and beyond, you’ll dream of what you could have done.

8. Letting yourself be defined by gender roles.


Few things are as sad as an old person saying, “Well, it just wasn’t done back then.”

9. Not quitting a terrible job.


Look, you gotta pay the bills. But if you don’t make a plan to improve your situation, you might wake up one day having spent 40 years in hell.

10. Not trying harder in school.


It’s not just that your grades play a role in determining where you end up in life. Eventually you’ll realize how neat it was to get to spend all day learning, and wish you’d paid more attention.

11. Not realizing how beautiful you were.


Too many of us spend our youth unhappy with the way we look, but the reality is, that’s when we’re our most beautiful.

12. Being afraid to say “I Love You.”


When you’re old, you won’t care if your love wasn’t returned — only that you made it known how you felt.

13. Not listening to your parents’ advice.


You don’t want to hear it when you’re young, but the infuriating truth is that most of what your parents say about life is true.

14. Spending your youth self-absorbed.


You’ll be embarrassed about it, frankly.

15. Caring too much what other people think.


In 20 years you won’t give a damn about any of those people you once worried so much about.

16. Supporting others’ dreams over your own.


Supporting others is a beautiful thing, but not when it means you never get to shine.

17. Not moving on fast enough.


Old people look back at the long periods spent picking themselves off the ground as nothing but wasted time.

18. Holding grudges, especially with ones you love.


What’s the point of re-living the anger over and over?

19. Not standing up for yourself.


Old people don’t take shit from anyone. Neither should you.

20. Not volunteering enough.


OK, so you probably won’t regret not volunteering Hunger Games style, but nearing the end of one’s life without having helped to make the world a better place is a great source of sadness for many.

21. Neglecting your teeth.


Brush. Floss. Get regular checkups. It will all seem so maddeningly easy when you have dentures.

22. Missing the chance to ask your grandparents questions before they die.


Most of us realize too late what an awesome resource grandparents are. They can explain everything you’ll ever wonder about where you came from, but only if you ask them in time.

23. Working too much.


No one looks back from their deathbed and wishes they spent more time at the office, but they do wish they spent more time with family, friends, and hobbies.

24. Not learning how to cook one awesome meal.

beyonce cooking

Knowing one drool-worthy meal will make all those dinner parties and celebrations that much more special.

25. Not stopping enough to appreciate the moment.


Young people are constantly on the go, but stopping to take it all in now and again is a good thing.

26. Failing to finish what you start.

failing to finish

“I had big dreams of becoming a nurse. I even signed up for the classes, but then…”

27. Never mastering one awesome party trick.

party trick

You will go to hundreds, if not thousands, of parties in your life. Wouldn’t it be cool to be the life of them all?

28. Letting yourself be defined by cultural expectations.


Don’t let them tell you, “We don’t do that.”

29. Refusing to let friendships run their course.


People grow apart. Clinging to what was, instead of acknowledging that things have changed, can be a source of ongoing agitation and sadness.

30. Not playing with your kids enough.

dad and kids

When you’re old, you’ll realize your kid went from wanting to play with you to wanting you out of their room in the blink of an eye.

31. Never taking a big risk (especially in love).

take risks

Knowing that you took a leap of faith at least once — even if you fell flat on your face — will be a great comfort when you’re old.

32. Not taking the time to develop contacts and network.

help me help you

Networking may seem like a bunch of crap when you’re young, but later on it becomes clear that it’s how so many jobs are won.

33. Worrying too much.

full house

As Tom Petty sang, “Most things I worry about never happen anyway.”

34. Getting caught up in needless drama.


Who needs it?

35. Not spending enough time with loved ones.

loved ones

Our time with our loved ones is finite. Make it count.

36. Never performing in front of others.


This isn’t a regret for everyone, but many elderly people wish they knew — just once — what it was like to stand in front of a crowd and show off their talents.

37. Not being grateful sooner.


It can be hard to see in the beginning, but eventually it becomes clear that every moment on this earth — from the mundane to the amazing — is a gift that we’re all so incredibly lucky to share.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/37-things-youll-regret-when-youre-old

I Hope He Knows

We sit there in silence

Or we converse about anything and everything

Either way, I hope he knows

I hope he knows what his smile does to me

How his delicious kisses

Awaken the butterflies in me

I hope he knows he makes my days worth while

Whether our time spent together

 Is long or short

I hope he knows he’s just what I need

To keep my body warm at night

And to keep my mind sane throughout the long days

I hope he knows the eyes he stares into

Are for him and him only

Can he see the shine in them when I gaze at him?

Either way, I hope he knows

I hope he knows that after all this time

I still hope for him in all of my days