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5 Types of People I Feel Sorry For

When I was still in college, I took a Journalism class that required us to write a satire-like article that could possibly hurt someones feelings but have them also understand and agree where I was coming from. I say satire because it ridiculed people and criticized society. Using sarcasm and ridicule in my writing is not something I usually do but definitely something I have thought about in order to gain a wider variety of readers.

A lot of young girls see sarcasm and blunt truth in magazines like Cosmopolitan, which I used to read all the time. As I have gotten older I haven’t really read it too much because I feel some of the articles can do more harm rather than help. Like the ones about your boyfriend cheating or what he really thinks about your body during sex…. ummm there is a reason why we can’t read minds! And what they fail to realize is that not every guy will think the things they publish in their magazine. They cause a wide range of women to over-think situations and think of issues that may have not been there in the first place. (Which us women tend to do a lot!) They may think they’re being honest but they’re really just making girls and women come up with more bullshit in their heads that don’t need to be there.

Lately, when their posts come up on my Facebook wall, I scroll over them in disgust rather than feel the need to want to read what they have to say. I’m not bashing them, because they do have some great articles. For example, their beauty and health articles are great and are quite helpful to most people, I’m sure. But, when it comes to relationships and other personal issues, they seem to be feeding women things that aren’t necessarily going to happen and it drives me crazy at times!

Now that I have rambled, here is my satire-like post for the day: 5 Types of People I Feel Sorry For

Now, while reading this please remember what I usually post and how nice of a person I am lol! It just seems now-a-days people are being fed fake crap rather than being told the truth. Places like Thought Catalog have posted these types of articles so I figured I’d give it a go and see what happens!

1. Those who have not actually grown as they got older. This is for those who still act like they’re in high school, even though they are half way to 30 years old. Growth shows maturity, I see less and less of it lately. And I don’t mean those who still go out and get drunk, because hey, drinks are needed in adult life. Things get rough! I’m saying, if I acted the way I did in high school still, I’d be embarrassed. Some people take longer than others, I understand this but there comes a time when everyone needs to just grow the hell up.

2. Those who let others influence their decisions. Asking advice is fine, we all do it and sometimes it’s just what we need. But when you’re letting negative influences into your life it only shows signs of your vulnerability. Sorry, but it’s the truth. Be your own person and stand up for yourself – do what YOU want to do. It’s your life and it is going to go by way too quickly for you to not do what you are meant to do.

3. Those who just can’t let go. I’ve been here before, guilty! But, that is exactly why I have no problem writing this. I have been the type of person that just took way too long to let things go. This includes negative situations, petty arguments and even people. But damn, it feels so much better when you finally do it… like a boulder lifted off your shoulders. Do it and get on with it. You know you want to.

4. Those who still use Facebook to air their dirty laundry. Not only is this annoying as hell but no one actually cares about your relationship issues or your thoughts on what your significant other is doing wrong. If you’re not in high school anymore, you should have no reason to put that type of personal information out there for the world to see. You not only make the other person look bad, but it also makes you look stupid. Just saying.

5. This one is directed towards women. Women that still act like they’re 19. And I don’t mean by going out and partying, because I believe at any age you should still enjoy yourself as much as possible. What I mean is drama. You still act petty, envious and talk shit about everyone. How old are you? If you’re in your late 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, whatever, shouldn’t you be worrying about more important issues? Come on…

See! Wasn’t so bad, right? I’m trying out different styles of writing, seeing what I can pull out of myself… that’s all. Thanks for reading and hopefully you still come back to read my more positive posts! 🙂