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Saturday, Saturday

Good morning Word Press… I’m currently at my desk at my second job wishing I was home in bed still!  I miss the Saturdays when I used to look forward to sleeping in and watching cartoons all day.  I miss having the whole day to do whatever it was I needed to do, knowing I had Sunday to be lazy and relax all day.  I’ve been working Saturdays for over 5 years now, since I was 18 turning 19.  I have come in countless times hungover and with no sleep from the night before but let me tell you, it has taught me responsibility.  I’m the only one here on Saturdays so it’s impossible to just call in, I need coverage ahead of time if I need off.  So, those Friday nights I spent out until 7 AM, sleeping for 40 minutes and going to work… they sucked but taught me how to deal.  Now that I’m older I don’t do that as much but I look back on the past 5 years surprised on how I did it!  Especially without a raise.  Now that I’m working another job during the week for a website, doing what I love to do (WRITE!)  I am finding it harder and harder to want to continue doing this every Saturday.  I want to be happy and enjoy my life, even if it means a little less money. (and I mean a little!)  

I sit here and wonder how it all went by so fast.  How my Saturday mornings went from cereal in front of cartoons to sitting behind a desk working for the corporate man.  This isn’t what I wanted and it isn’t what I want in the future.  It’s been an interesting 5 years but I’m almost positive there won’t be a 6th.  If you’ve been wanting to do something for a while, or get a burden off your shoulders… go for it.  Even if it means a little less money, you will find a way to deal.  Do what makes you happy because this life is too short and full of surprises.  

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha


The Weekend

I miss when my weekends were relaxing and fun.  Now my Saturdays consist of sitting behind a desk for 8 hours and kissing the asses of those around me, including the ones on the other end of the phone.  I sit there thinking of all the things I could be doing besides sitting there dealing with these fools.  Then my Sundays consist of trying to fit in laziness and productiveness all into one day.  You want to sleep in but feel you need to make the most out of your Sunday.  I find myself missing my younger days when Saturdays were all about eating cereal in front of cartoons and playing outside.  I think there should be a day in between Saturday and Sunday.  I need more than just a day to get myself ready to deal with people again!  Time seems to be my worst enemy.  When I’m at work I need it to fly by, but it doesn’t.  When I’m home relaxing or out with friends, it goes by faster than I’d like. 


Someone who needs a schedule change