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Waiting Game

It seems as though we’re always waiting for something

Waiting for work to end, waiting for the traffic to clear, waiting for a better day ahead.

That’s what keeps us going though isn’t it?

The thought of there being better days ahead?

It’s funny what we tell ourselves when our brain is becoming feeble,

Just to get it back up and running again.


Things Take Time

Thanks to all my followers for staying connected with me! I have reached 125 of you today! I’m looking forward to writing more and gaining more and more followers. For any of you just starting out with blogging – it takes time! I definitely learned this while I was starting out, it takes time to build things that you really want. I’m still in the process of getting used to it and how the website works, just starting today with guest blogging which was cool. If anyone is interested in doing this, I will post any of your work on my page and you will post one of mine on yours! It’s great to gain more traffic on your blog and get your posts out there for more people to see. Please email me if you would like to guest blog with me: triolachelsea@gmail.com

Have a good night followers & keep on writing 🙂


As Thanksgiving Comes to an End…

10 Things I’m Thankful For:

  1. My family
  2. My brother being alive
  3. Having a roof over our heads
  4. My boyfriend
  5. Mine & my families health
  6. The delicious food we were able to eat today & every other day
  7. My dog
  8. Bonding moments
  9. Time off from work
  10. Real friendships I hope to have forever, though there aren’t many, it’s about quality – not quantity!


Getting together with family for the holidays really makes you realize how fast a year goes by. You see the little kids grown up all of a sudden and remember last year and how things were so different from how they are now. Think back to a year ago, where you were in your life and where you wanted to be at the time. This time last year, I had just booked my flight to California because I honestly felt trapped and needed to get away, by myself. I did this wanting to see new things and think about what I really wanted in life. At this time last year, I didn’t realize how much my Cali trip would change my life. For the better! I realized a lot while being out there and having time to myself to just sit and think. This is so important. We all get so caught up in everyday life working like animals not realizing that we need time to ourselves to enjoy the little moments before they’re gone. I came home from Cali a different person, wanting to eat better (I’ve only had fast food maybe two or three times in the past 11 months) and wanting to get rid of the things that didn’t make me happy, which I did. I realized that hanging out to anything that made me upset or hurt was not anything I wanted to hold on to. A lot of people are blind when it comes to certain things, others see it but you stay blinded trying to make excuses. The thing is though, once the blind fold is off, you feel that you can take on anything. My mind set is so much different now because of Cali and this is what has made me want to travel to even more places, so I can keep coming home a better person than who I was when I left.

Tonight, I listened to all my older family members talk about how fast time has gone and it makes me realize that one day I’ll be saying the same thing, hell I already say all of that and I’m only 24! My biggest fear is wasting time. I want to look back on the past years knowing I have done everything I wanted to do because one day you’re going to be at the holiday gatherings with your own children and grand children. My grandma said something tonight that really hit me… she said “Me and your grandpa created all of this.” And sure enough, I looked around and it was the truth. None of us would be there together if it wasn’t for them. I can just imagine how fast their lives has gone by and I know they sit there thinking the same thing I do, “where has the time gone?” Make your time here on Earth count.

Our Time is Valuable

Our Time is Valuable

I find time to be my worst enemy. I always seem to be rushing no matter what. Rush to get to work… rush to get through work… rush to get home from work. I even rush home from work when I have nothing special planned. Why? I have no idea. I was driving home one evening, talking to my boyfriend and he asked me why I always “rush to my death.” I thought about it for a second, kind of speechless and realized he was absolutely right. What’s the point of rushing? Most of the time when you don’t rush, you actually get there when you’re supposed to. What is it about us humans wanting to rush through everything? What exactly are we rushing to anyway? Life is short and if anything, we should be taking it slow and enjoying every moment. I just want to stop and smell the roses for a while.

The Weekend

I miss when my weekends were relaxing and fun.  Now my Saturdays consist of sitting behind a desk for 8 hours and kissing the asses of those around me, including the ones on the other end of the phone.  I sit there thinking of all the things I could be doing besides sitting there dealing with these fools.  Then my Sundays consist of trying to fit in laziness and productiveness all into one day.  You want to sleep in but feel you need to make the most out of your Sunday.  I find myself missing my younger days when Saturdays were all about eating cereal in front of cartoons and playing outside.  I think there should be a day in between Saturday and Sunday.  I need more than just a day to get myself ready to deal with people again!  Time seems to be my worst enemy.  When I’m at work I need it to fly by, but it doesn’t.  When I’m home relaxing or out with friends, it goes by faster than I’d like. 


Someone who needs a schedule change