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Home Sweet Home

Hello WordPress followers! I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately, I just returned home from a vacation in California! I came home to snow which was rough after spending 9 days in Cali weather. It was a bit chilly at night but during the day was pretty nice there, now I’m back to scraping snow off my car in the morning! I will be posting pictures of my trip, we traveled to a lot of different parts of Cali so there’s a bunch that I will be uploading. I just wanted to check in and say hi before I fell asleep (in my own bed!) Crazy how being away from blogging can drive one crazy! But I’m glad to be back. 🙂

Here’s a photo tease from Castaic Lake… so beautiful! The mountains were amazing to look at since I have none where I live.


24, A little fit LOL & hungry

24, A little fit LOL & hungry

This is so true. You’re only this age ONCE. Before you know it you will be a full blown adult taking care of a family and finding it harder to get the time to see the world. Find a way to make it happen, if you need money – work more or spend less. If it’s because of your job, give them months notice – you’re entitled to a vacation every once in a while!

Happy November

Happy November!  I’m in a really good mood today.  I had off and relaxed with the boyfriend and I got some more information on my mission trip to Belize!  I found out today that I will be working with children while there and visiting orphanages along with doing fun excursions including zip lining, tubing through caves, feeding baby tigers and this one is my favorite: hiking up the Mayan Ruins!  I’m so excited and hoping July comes quickly!  I have decided that most of my money will go to traveling because that is what truly makes us richer.  I’m so happy to say that I’m really looking forward to where my life is headed.

Here is a photo of the beautiful Mayan Ruins in Belize!


My Love Hate Relationship with Social Media

Ugh… I am getting so sick and tired of scrolling through Facebook and reading things I could care less about written by people I haven’t talked to or seen in years.  Each day I scroll telling myself I’m going to deactivate it for awhile or maybe go on less… and then I find myself scrolling again.  Why?!  Why must I feel an addiction to seeing what other people have to say?  (When most of the time it is utter stupidity)  I’m not completely innocent though, I have posted some of my own stupid statuses and have gone on a Facebook rant before.  But, some people do this every day… all day long.  What makes me more frustrated is the fact that after I scroll through Facebook, I do more scrolling.  On Instagram.  On Twitter.  On Pinterest.  (though I have to say… Pinterest does have a lot of great things on it including recipes and wedding ideas and such) But it seems that a majority of my day is done scrolling!  I find myself becoming lazy due to scrolling so much.  Sometimes I wish I could be on an island somewhere with the people I care about most with absolutely no form of technology.  Humans need this.  We need to talk one on one and speak in person.  Technology is making it too easy for us to sit behind a screen of some sort and communicate.

This is why I have decided to look into taking a trip with a group of people (a missionary group) to Belize.  I am going to the orphanages there to see what life is like outside of Technological America. I am close to registering after a few more loose ends are tied up.  I am so excited!  I need this to bring me back to what life is about… not scrolling through Instagram to see what some stranger is having for lunch that day.  I want to watch the children get excited over the tiniest things that I forget to appreciate each day.  They are like puppies when they find out they’re going for a walk.  Pure joy. 

The children in those orphanages is what reality is.  Not what people are putting on Facebook for others to believe.  We all get so wrapped up in showing others that we have a life to live but what are we really doing?  Putting pictures up of us going out dancing with friends or out to eat with a boyfriend?  That’s nice and all and I’m guilty of doing both, but I need more out of this life than what my social media accounts can offer me.Image