Helpful Tips to Planning Your Tropical Wedding

If you’re interested in having a tropical style wedding, check out these helpful suggestions to create the ideal setting for you and your guests!

The warm weather is finally here to stay and wedding couple and sunsetseason is still in full bloom! If you are planning a summer time wedding, we have some great tropical themed ideas for your big day. A tropical style wedding is a great idea for those who enjoy vacationing and being in the sun and would like to incorporate their love for these things on their special day. It is also a great theme for those getting married outdoors or on the beach.

While reading these ideas, keep in my mind that you can choose any colors you’d like to match your theme. Some fun and colorful tropical color suggestions include pink and orange, yellow and orange, blue and purple and orange and purple. You can even mix and match the colors and add some white into there, as well. Whether you’re getting married next summer or need to put some finishing touches on this summer’s wedding, we’re sure these suggestions will help make your planning less stressful!

Save the Dates & Invitations

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Get creative with your save the dates by having your guests open up their “boarding passes” to your tropical wedding! Make them feel as though they are going on a mini vacation to a beautiful island. A boarding pass save the date is a great idea for a destination wedding as well! For the invitations, send them the other necessity they would need for an island getaway, their passports! Put all the important information on a passport style invite to get them excited for your big day.

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Guest Book
Unique style guest books are becoming more and more popular because people are realizing that they don’t need to stick to the traditional guest book. A one of a kind idea to go with your tropic setting is a surfboard as a guest book! Set it up by the entrance for your guests to sign as they walk in. This is a fun way for everyone to wish the couple well and can be used later on as decoration at home!

Seating Cards
Set up a large colorful

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tinwith sand inside to place your unique seating cards. Use cocktail drink umbrellas with the name and table number attached and stick them in the sand! Set them up right near the entrance of the party so your guests can simply grab them out of the sand to find their table!

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Centerpieces are an important addition to your wedding decor and they help make the tables stand out. For this tropical theme, take pineapples and cut the insides out so it is completely hollow. Once you have done this, take some flowers to put inside. Be sure to choose tropical colors that flow nicely with the rest of your decor. This pineapple centerpiece idea is not only a wonderful tropic touch but is easy to do on your own, which will save lots of money!

When people think of the tropics, the beach, palm trees, flowers and the ocean come to mind. Incorporate all these things into your decor to make you and your guests really feel like you are on a tropical island! Set up some fake palm trees all around your reception area and on each side of the bride and groom as you say “I do.” When it comes to flowers, choose colors that are bright and will make a lasting impression when your guests enter. Remember, the brighter, the better!

Couples sometimes find it difficult to choose the perfect wedding favor, not sure if their guests will enjoy it. It is a good idea to give them out though as a gesture of appreciation for those attending your big day. For your tropical wedding favors, send each guest home with a large coconut candle. They are sure to put this to use and will thank you when they have that tropical island smell all throughout their home!

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These tropical recommendations are sure to help you create the ideal wedding day for you and a beautiful setting for your guests. It will certainly be a memorable day for everyone!

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