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2014 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,100 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

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All we really want is someone who plays with our flaws well
Dresses them up for us, making them not look as bad as they seem
Showing them to us in the mirror but pointing out what is beautiful about them
It’s all we really want
I think it’s something us humans need, as well
We need someone to help us look past our flaws
And show us how to make peace with them before they destroy us

Welcome Spring This Weekend – Enjoy Some Fresh Air & Family Fun!

Check out our fun ideas on how to welcome spring this weekend!

Spring has arrived and we know most people like to start off the season by taking advantage of the beautiful weather. There are plenty of great things going on this weekend all over the island that are sure to keep you busy all weekend long! Put away the boots and break out the sneakers and go for a hike. If you’re not interested in hiking, head out to a festival or fair with the family!

Rather stay home this weekend? You can still do fun spring things right from home! Grab your gloves and get your spring garden ready so you’re well prepared when the time comes. Another great at home idea is spring cleaning which is popular to do once the season starts. Take a look at these great ways to welcome the spring season:

  • Go For A Hike
    Long Island has many areas that are perfect for hiking and make for the ideal opportunity to get out of the house for the day.
  • Head to a Festival or Fair
    Enjoy some bonding time with the entire family and check out all the different vendors and their unique gift items.
  • Get Your Garden Ready
    Prepare your garden so it is ready to go when the time is right! Clean it out from all the winter harshness and decorate it with some spring time decor and begin to plan out what you will be planting this year.
  • Spring Cleaning
    Some may not find it fun but others can find it to be quite exhilarating to be “out with old and in with the new!” Get your home ready by simplifying and organizing everything for sweet summer.
  • Decorate the House
    Lighten up your home a bit. Start decorating for Easter or place some beautiful smelling flowers around the house to bring the spring time inside!
  • Break out the Outside Toys
    Bring the life back into your yard by getting it child-ready again by bringing out all the bikes, balls and bubbles!
  • Eat Outdoors or Have a Picnic
    If the weather is just right, serve the family lunch on the back porch and enjoy the sunshine. Or go to a local park and have a picnic while enjoying outdoor activities such as flying a kite, playing soccer or throwing a frisbee around.

These enjoyable ideas are perfect for the whole season and are a great way to spend time together with family and friends. Even if it is still a bit chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring out some spring time warth inside!

Keep the Luck o’ the Irish With You Year Round: How to Preserve a Four Leaf Clover!


March is a month full of fun St. Patrick’s Day activities that both adults and children can enjoy together. There are tons of events and parades all across the island that are perfect for a weekend out with the family. If you’re looking to stay close to home but still have an eventful day, we have put together a list of steps on how to preserve four leaf clovers!

Four leaf clovers are especially lucky and people feel the luck when they find them. That’s if they find them! This is why a lot of people like to preserve their clovers so they can keep the luck forever. You can preserve them and put them in a frame to put up as dĂ©cor in your home. If you’re interested in a more kid-friendly craft, preseve your four leaf clover into a laminated bookmark. Choose from the two fun crafts or do both by following the instructions below:

Preserving Four Leaf Clovers in A Picture Frame

1. First, you must find a four leaf clover.
If you’re lucky enough to find one, you will probably find another. Most of the time the four leaf clovers are found together, or nearby from one another.

2. Press the clovers.
After you find your lucky clovers, it is important to press them as soon as possible. Without pressing them, the clovers can wilt and fold which won’t look as nice. There are a couple of different ways you can press your clovers:

  • Press in between sheets of paper.
  • Press in the pages of a book you no longer care about or underneath a large textbook.
  • Weigh them down with heavy books.

3. Once pressed, handle with care and place on paper.
Paint your clover with a few drops of green food coloring which will enhance the color. This step is optional but encouraged so your clover won’t lose its bright color in a few weeks.

4. Allow the clover to dry overnight.
Once dried, repeat the step above with fresh paper.

5. Find the perfect picture frame.
Once you have your frame, clean both sides of the glass and place it on a clean rag and allow it to air dry over night. Make sure the glass is cleaned properly, once the clover is inside you will not be able to clean it again.

6. Choose an acid-free paper to mount the clover.

7. Lay the frame face-down on the paper, without the glass, and trace the inside of the frame.

8. Cut the paper along the traced line.
This will ensure that the paper fills the frame but does not cover all of the glass. If you’re using a mat instead of paper, trim the mat instead using the same process.

9. Place a small amount of acid-free glue in the middle of the clover and press it down gently onto the paper.

10. Spray the entire paper with an acid-free, UV-resistant sealant.

11. Lay the paper onto the mat and tape in place with acid-free tape. If you’re not using a mat, you can skip this step.

12. Cut a piece of Mylar the same size as the paper or mat.

13. Center the mounted clover face-down onto the glass so that an even rim of glass appears around the paper or mat.

14. Place the plastic Mylar on top.

15. Seal the mounted clover to the frame with aluminum tape. Be sure that the tape adheres to the glass along with the paper. Make sure not to misalign the tape so it is not visible on the front of the glass.

16. Assemble the frame.
Then put your lucky clover on display and enjoy!

Preserving Four Leaf Clover into A Laminated Bookmark

1. Follow steps 1-4 above for this craft as well!
Overview: Find your four leaf clover and press it inbetween paper or the pages of a book to flatten it out. Be sure to add the food coloring to the clover so the brightness lasts longer. Let dry overnight and repeat food coloring step with fresh paper.

2. Create your bookmark.
Have the kids cut out their own rectangular shaped bookmark. They can decorate it if they’d like or leave blank so the clover can stand out. It’s best to use a thick paper so your bookmark is not flimsy.

3. Use a gluestick to glue your four leaf clover to the bookmark.
This will ensure that it stays put. If you place laminate over them without glue, the clovers will lift up off the paper.

4. Place laminate over the bookmark.
Do this carefully then trim off any of the excess laminate. Voila! Your bookmark is ready to use!

There are a few other interesting ways to preserve a clover along with different places to put them. Some make pieces of jewelry out of them, allowing their luck to stay with them wherever they go, and some put them in the family photo album. You can get creative and preserve them in cool places such as a bottle cap and place them as decoration in your home.

Make it a fun and educational time with the family by allowing the kids to help out while telling them a bit about the process. Discuss St. Patrick’s Day together and see who can come up with other fun activities to do all month long!

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I carry too large of burdens at times when need not be

My voices are always arguing with me

One says not to carry the load if not meant to be

The other acts as thought negativity must always be the key

burden quote

Keeping A Journal + Journal Writing Ideas

dreams journal

You would think since I’m a writer that I would have piles and piles of journals, but I don’t. I have a few scattered in places in my bedroom, most unfinished. But I do have to say, the bits and pieces I wrote were still fun to look back at on. You read something you wrote two years ago to that day and you realize how much things have changed and how it almost feels like just yesterday that you wrote it. Whether you keep a journal that you write in each day, or if you’re like me and write memorable bits and pieces down to read later on, keep doing it. You will get to re-live all those moments some day and recognize just how much you have grown as a person. Some moments will be happy and will bring a smile to your face and others will be sad if you maybe had a bad day that day, but what it will teach you is that things got better, right? Sometimes we need that little reminder.

Some journal writing ideas:

1. My aunt gave me this idea a few years ago, although I haven’t always stuck to it, it’s a good idea for those who are committed to journal writing. Write 5 things you’re thankful for each night before you go to bed. You can write the bad things about the day also if you choose to, just to remind yourself later on that they probably weren’t that bad.

2. Write down the biggest highlight of your day. This relates to the first idea but doesn’t include anything negative. Even if you had a bad day, try your best to find something positive to write down.

3. Create a “Currently Feeling” page about once a week. Simply list how you’re feeling at that exact moment. Don’t explain why, just list them. See how the feelings differ or stay the same as the weeks go on.

4. A “Things I’d Rather Be Doing” or “Places I’d Rather Be” page. This is just a fun, day dreamy idea to let your mind wander a bit.

5. Write a poem or short story.

6. Write down a bunch of your favorite, motivational quotes.

7. A set of goals for yourself. Just because we’re a few months into this New Year, doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some new resolutions. Give yourself your own deadline.

8. Your bucket list. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? What do you want to see?

9. Doodle. Draw anything that comes to your mind in that moment. Use magazine cut outs, scrap book paper and any other decorative items you’d like.

10. Create an F.A.Q. about yourself! Answer all the questions that people always ask you.

Have fun 🙂

Celebrate National Craft Month with Simple Spring Projects for Kids of All Ages!

Put your creative side to the test this month during National Craft Month!

March is National Craft Month and a great time for craft lovers to take on fun new projects while showing off their creative side. National Craft Month also brings people together along with their unique ideas. The great thing about this holiday is anyone can celebrate it; adults, children, senior citizens and even teachers, who can come up with fun activities for their students as well.

National Craft Month is also a wonderful opportunity for businesses to host some fun in-store events and contests. Search for special promotions this month at your local craft stores and find out what events they are having that can help you become craftier. In honor of Craft Month, we have listed a couple of great craft activities, suitable for novice crafters and those who have been taking part in it for a while, too.

Personalized Spring Wreath
Create your own spring wreath to put on your front door as decoration. Personalize it with fun materials that will make your door decoration really pop!

Age Range: This craft is suitable for adults with help from middle school-aged children.


  • Yellow yarn
  • Felt spring flowers (color of your choice)
  • Floral berries
  • A painted letter (first letter of your family last name)
  • White ribbon for hanging
  • Glue

1. Wrap any wreath with yellow yarn until completely covered.
2. Glue on the felt flowers anywhere on the wreath you would like.
3. Then glue on the floral berries.
4. Attach your painted letter to one side of the wreath, or in the center depending on which way you like better.
5. Use white ribbon to hang it on your front door and voila!

Homemade Bird Feeder
This craft is simple to create and is perfect for children who want to watch birds feed this spring in their backyard!

Age Range: Homemade Bird Feeders are a craft suitable for children in elementary school or older. Younger children may require some help from a parent.


  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Sticks, 2 per roll
  • Bird seed
  • Peanut butter
  • String or ribbon
  • A hole punch

1. Punch 2 holes in one side of the toilet paper roll, aligning them evenly acorss from each other. This will be used to tie the string for hanging.
2. Punch 4 holes into the opposite end of the toilet paper roll, align them evenly. These will be used for the birds to perch on. Set one a bit higher than the other so the sticks can be pushed through with no problem.
3. Insert the 2 sticks into each hole, going in one side and out the other in the corresponding hole. Push the sticks through gently so you don’t rip the holes or make them too loose. You don’t want the sticks falling out.
4. Center each stick so that they are crossing each other like an intersection and so they are sticking out enough for a bird to perch on.
5. Holding the lower part of the feeder below the sticks, spread a light layer of peanut butter on the upper part of the toilet paper roll and cover it in bird seed. Make sure not to cover the holes at the top, you will need them for the next step.
6. Cut the string to your desired length. Tie it to the top of the bird feeder through the two holes you cut in step 1 to make it able to hang.
7. You’re finished! Hang in your backyard and patiently await the hungry birds!

Candy Butterfly
The candy butterfly craft is perfect for children to create around spring time and can even be used during Easter. If preferred, you can replace the candy with fruits and nuts to make the crafty treat a bit healthier.

Age Range: This fun butterfly craft is suitable for elementary school aged children and older.


  • Snack size Ziploc bags
  • Candy, cereal, fruit, nuts or crackers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Clothes pins
  • Card stock
  • Gems, sequins or other decorative items
  • Glue

1. Fill the Ziplocs bags half way with candy or fruits and nuts.
2. Seal the bag, making sure to press out all the air as you go.
3. Push the candy to one side of the bag and place a pipe cleaner in the center.
4. Loop the pipe cleaner around the bag and twist tightly to secure.
5. Open the empty side of the bag and fill it with a second type of candy or fruit. Close securely.
6. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner around your finger to create swirls. (Antennas)
7. Use a clothes pin to put over the center of the bag, covering the twisted pipe cleaner.
8. Put glue along the length of the clothes pin and cover with card stock.
9. Decorate the card stock as you would like.

Coffee Tin Flower Pot
Decorate around your yard or in your spring garden with these coffee tin flower pots that you can personalize with paint and fun accessories!

Age Range: This craft is suitable for preschool children and older who like to help mom with the gardening!


  • Old coffee tin, cleaned out
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes (various sizes for decorating)
  • Accessories of your choice (buttons, glitter, beads, etc.)
  • Glue

1. Clean out an old coffee tin and take the paper off the outside. Rip it off or soak in hot water to make ripping off easier.
2. Paint the tin any color you would like. You can use multple tins and paint them different colors to create colorful outdoor decor.
3. Make fun designs on the tins or glue accessories to the outside for a fun addition.
4. Once the tins are dried, place flowers inside creating your own unique flower pot!
5. Place outside for decor or in your garden.

Continue with your crafts all throughout the month to challenge yourself on how many you can complete until March is over. Do the same for your children to encourage them to let their creativity really shine, all while having them become more skilled at cutting, gluing and drawing.